Stops syncing then cannot load backup

It is more and more often now that Dynalist stops syncing like in Document not syncing
The worst thing is that I made a backup but it looks like the backup without the unsynced changes.
I do not even know how many hours of my work was lost. Very frustrating!


Really sorry to hear this!

So the “Make backup” option downloads a copy of backup from the server, and in your case the changes weren’t synced to the server, thus the backup is out of date.

If you haven’t closed the tab (please don’t :cry:), you can use the “Export…” option in the current document you’re editing and download the OPML file. Those should include all the current changes you’ve made.

Sorry again, we’re investigating and fixing this problem as we speak!

I did close the tab as I thought that I made a backup.
Here is another strange thing: I checked the yesterday’s TXT backup in Google Drive and it does not contain some of the changes I made yesterday. :frowning:
Stability here is paramount for me as I rely on Dynalist for the notes and reminders for both my work and personal life.

So the backup was made by the server, but the unfortunate thing seems to be that the server didn’t receive the changes yesterday…

Our current guess is that it’s a combination of the downtime a few days ago and our sync backing-off mechanism. We’ve urgently released a version to disable to back-off mechanism for now.

I totally understand, and that’s what we strive to do as well, just like how we strive to keep our servers up as much as possible. We’re investigating and fixing right now!

To gather some more information, did you see a “Are you sure you want to leave this page? The changes you made may not be saved” pop-up when trying to close the tab?

Yes, the warning was there

Okay, we should really make that warning more clear and add warning for the make backup option as well, to note that it’s a outdated backup made by the server. The reason we’re relying on the server (our side) rather than the client (your side) to make the backup is that only the server can make a .zip format backup file. Otherwise it would just be a huge text file.

As mentioned above, we’ve urgently disabled a potential cause of this problem. In the meantime I suggest using the desktop apps to make sure data is at least saved locally:

Okay, did you try some other apps? I usually do backups with this one, hope it will help.