A better and more wonderful search

is dyna able to search within ‘title only’?

this is for a specific need/use case of ‘extensive extensive tons of notes/info’

  • this is an important use case, tho not the utmost priority one out of them all

doesnt appear like it does https://help.dynalist.io/article/93-search-operators-reference

  • but maybe am not searching correctly

  • it seems like a doable thing to add since dyan has a separate ‘title’ section/space

it appears so far only evernote has probably good search dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php tho need to test longterm. also need to look into code editors

something like Search in a specific folder, not all of them would not be needed if dyna has granular detailed more targeted search

but title only is a very basic kind of function, and an important one across similar use cases, and is simply far far too important for anything that would be purposed for or designed for extensive notes/info

No, see here for the feature request: Intitle: search field like Evernote