Search in a specific folder, not all of them


I have basically split my areas (professional stuff / personal stuff / client) by using the folder and I really love the search in document. It’s quick and efficient and I use it all the time.
I have created bookmarks from specific search as :
until:14d is:checklist. It helps time to focus on what I can do now. All the rest is more context stuff or knowledge related to action.
What I really would like is a search/bookmark that would be only related to one of my area : for example search of action in my pro area. It would give more sense to the folder function and I could focus on one of them instead of all of them.
Is it already feasible ? Did I miss something ?

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I have an similar Request, I have several Areas about my Work, Private and my company.

Folder Area
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4

Like to see happen that I can bookmark an search query which excluded Area 3 in search results

Within:3w -is:completed -doc:Area 3


I agree, that would be quite helpful, as I have a similar scenario.

Perhaps an early implementation of this change by the wonderful Dynalist team would be a search scope that limits to a top-level folder (or root level) and its children.


I would like this option as well. The search function is fantastic, but returns results from a lots of folders and documents I do not want to search in the first place.


+1, I would like this as well

Basically, a bookmark search that only works in the current page you are on,

not by whatever specific page + results you searched previously on another page


Bump. I use folders to segregate projects. Each project folder will have one or more documents. Terms get reused between projects. While the search is working great, as I add more projects, the results increase and I have to read the additional details or visit the link to determine if it’s the correct item.

I’d be happy if the search results showed which folder the search results came from.


@Josh: Definitely, thanks for the input!