Intitle: search field like Evernote

Evernote has a search field intitle: which enables a search just on the title of cards. Most of my searches are for the items, rather than their attached notes. The search results in Dynalist are not efficient because it returns all the incidences of words in notes as well as items. This takes up a lot of screen space. To be able to filter out notes with “intitle:” would be ideal.

I have a shortcut that automatically populates the Evernote search field with “intitle:”. I would do the same if this capacity existed in Dynalist.


Thanks for posting this! :slight_smile:

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i would use something like this a lot of the option was there

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We already have an option to search document names (Ctrl+O) and to jump to any bullet item (Ctrl + Shift + O). What is the actual request here? What would be considered a title?

Ctrl-Shift-O will jump to a bullet item with matching text, but it does not filter the list. With this feature, we could enter a search term like “intitle:apple” and it would filter the list to only the items that had “apple” in their title.


I’d really like to see this search functionality added. The problem is that if you are someone who tends to use long notes, and you search for a term that happens to be used often in those notes, it is really difficult to scan the search results for just the term in the title (AKA only the item itself, and not the attached note).

For the record, view options do not even let you hide the note area if it contains the search term.

Please allow the ability to search only item titles and not notes :smiley:

I looked carefully over the current search operators and this is not yet possible.

Yes, it’s not available yet, thanks for carefully checking the list before posting! :slight_smile:

And thanks for your feedback. Roger your use case! :ok_hand:

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Update: implemented in the syntax of “in:title” and “in:note”. Just follow these keywords with what you wanna search in title or note.

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