Zoom / Move to Parent item

If I’m zoomed into a node, Parent Item does nothing. I wish the Zoom-Out and Parent Item functions were merged so it would be trivial to zip around a document.

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@Alan: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!

It works!

So by remapping “Move to Parent Item” to Alt+Up, it all goes smoothly. The only thing odd is that this is nowhere near in the Keymap list to Alt+Down which is “Zoom In”. “Zoom Out” is no longer a command I will be using.

It’s listed with other navigation shortcuts; thought that made more sense.

After some experience, I might wish for a change: when this command zooms out, it would be nice to keep the cursor at the same spot in the document, and activating a second time after zoom-out moves to the top item of the document. I tend to lose where I was at when the context switches and I simultaneously get moved to the top item of the new context.

Are you experiencing this bug?

You can do a Up/Down to get back to the location as a temporary workaround. We’re looking into this bug.

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I agree with this issue.

Furthermore on mobile, the “Up/Down work around” doesn’t exist AND it’s very easy to zoom in accidentally. So you can get totally drawn away from what you were trying to do, which might be for example moving a node by touch.

Incidentally, most mobile apps use the convention of touching the top of the screen to move to the top of the document. So should Dynalist.

Awesome apps though !

Again, +1.

This is a current annoyance for me. I’m wondering if I should post as a separate bug report. On desktop as Erica writes, you get the focus but the scrolling is off. On mobile, you don’t get focus when you zoom out and scrolling is off. Effect: I can’t find the item I zoomed out from. This is a big problem when you have a long list.