Move items to a new document

A nice feature to have would be to move a list of selected items to a not yet created document.

Maybe it could be another option in the auto complete dropdown when moving items.


This feature exists but is currently not working. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Should be fixed now. Only works for a single item though, so it’s something different I guess.

This sounds like a feature rather than a bug though, what do you think @Simon_Tong?

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Yup it does, not sure why I put it under bugs? I even called it a feature in the description. hmm.

Thanks anyway

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I moved it to the bugs section and now have replaced it.

I came here to make this request, but the thread seems to suggest that this is already implemented? I can’t figure it out. My idea is that if I type a name of a document that doesn’t exist in the Move interface it should offer to create a new document instead. Right now I can do this through drag-and-drop, but not via this interface.

Yeah you’re correct. There was some miscommunication in the thread, sorry about that.

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Just to update on this. On the desktop you can do this by drag-and-drop to the sidebar, but this isn’t possible on iOS, so it would really help with iOS if one could move to a new document via this dialog.

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That’s true. Thanks for bringing that up! More reason for implementing it then :slight_smile:

Have to say that I’d also really like to see this feature!

For me the most comfortable implementation would be to select “Move To…” and an option to select “New document” in the result list.


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Hey guys, I’m actually really confused because I can’t seem to get this to work.

I’m transferring over to workflowy and I’m trying to break out the higher level (and bigger) workflowy items into documents on dynalist. But when I try to drag it from the middle to the left pane, nothing happens.

Would appreciate any help because this is an unfortunate bottleneck - its the first thing I’m trying to do in this app and it doesn’t work…

Can I know the version of your desktop app? You can check version in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - “About”.

Guys, the feature is still badly needed on iOS

Any progress on this? Should I start a new thread just for iOS?

My issue is I want to move an item to an existing document. Drag onto the files page creates a new document. I can’t pick one of the documents.

I also tried the Move command, but the document “Jobs” is nowhere to be found among all the other occurences of the word Jobs that the program found. Maybe it’s somewhere way down the list. My only remedy then is Cut, go to the document and Paste. (Which of course is also only accessible on desktop, not iOS.)

One trick I use is to temporarily give the target a unique tag, like #zzz. Then in the move dialog I can just type zzz and the target pops right up.

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That’s a bit weird to rename a file by adding a tag, but I guess it can work. My hope is Move gets enhanced. Here’s OneNote’s which works great, except that it only moves documents across the folder structure, not pieces across documents. (this leads me to create more small documents than I would in dynalist, because OneNote’s navigation within a document is much weaker.) But the key that makes it work is that drillable Notebooks section in addition to the recent and the search: