Yearly planner 2021

Inspired by @Daryl_Mander’s Yearly Planner Template, I created one for 2021 using Google Sheets, here.

The template is using ISO week numbers, where a weeks starts on Mon and week 1 of the year is the week of the first Thursday of the year. So for year 2021, Jan 1-3 fall on week 53 of 2020. Hope I got that right, let me know if I messed up.

Update: I changed the sheet from published to shared. You can see formulas now, which hopefully is enough to create a 2022 template when the time comes. Comments are not visible, unfortunately.
Update 2: Changed sharing from “viewer” to “commenter”. You can see the comments now.


It’s finally near the end of year… Hope 2021 brings something better :gift:


Thanks for doing this… but… how do I get it into Dynalist?

Have you tried selecting O1:Q437 and copy/paste to Dynalist? Does it make a flat list? I don’t know why, but if I paste to Notepad first, and then copy from there, then it gets pasted to Dynalist as a hierarchical list, as expected.

The notepad route worked. Many thanks: Into the New Year with a dribble of hope - Cheers and all the best!

Thanks very much for this. It’s not my usual way of tracking the year but so far I’m really enjoying it!

Thanks for this @rubaboo!

I used your gsheet template to help me shortcut the creation of my usual 2021 planner, and I updated my original post with a link to a copy-able 2021 dynalist planner over here: **UPDATED FOR 2021** Here's my Yearly Planner Template

(I made one small change to your template because in the dates I prefer to put a dash in between the month and the day e.g. mm-dd instead of mmdd)