What are pageup and pagedown supposed to do?

I seem to get different behavior from pageup and pagedown on Chrome and Firefox, including this bug, but there are other things I’m not sure about. Sometimes the screen actually moves down when I hit pageup, moving so the currently-highlighted line moves to the top of the screen, then scrolling up when I hit pageup again. The cursor doesn’t seem to move when I use pageup and pagedown. I’m not sure what to report as a bug and what’s the correct behavior, so when I hit pageup or pagedown, what should the screen do and what should the cursor do?

I think PageUp/PageDown should move the page without moving the cursor. At least that’s what my experience of browsing the web tells me.

Each browser having their own way of handling this is definitely possible. Things like this always happen :slight_smile:.

Is the above consistent with your intuition?

  • pageup/down should scroll

  • cos that’s what chrome does

  • and chrome has like 99% of market

but most importantly, it’s the best for various reasons

So I see that Chrome is 55% of the W3 World browser use. Of the three, it’s my least favorite and presents problems when using on an iPhone (thanks Apple)!


I was going to post a bug report, but searched first. Totally disagree with the conclusion here. DynaList is an editor, not a browser. In an editor, Page-Up moves the cursor, so that you can quickly navigate a document without the mouse. DynaList ought to OVERRIDE Chrome’s default, and do the scroll exactly like Chrome default, but also set the cursor. To the top, bottom or middle item onscreen I don’t care.

The misbehavior is this: I press Page-Up. It scroll. I press Up. It scrolls back.

I actually wanted to use Shift-Page-Up to select many lines of things. This proves impossible because Page-Up doesn’t move the cursor.

P.S. not using chrome here, but that’s beside the point.