Part of screen disappears on use of pageup and pagedown

Steps to reproduce

Create a list long list. Create a sublist. Put your cursor anywhere in the sublist and hit the pageup key.

Expected result

Screen scrolls up.

Actual result

The bottom part half of the screen becomes a large gray bar.

The bug is a bit difficult to pin down and reproduce.


Linux, Chrome.

On Firefox I get other weird, similar bugs.

Additional information

The bug is difficult to reproduce. It seems to kick in with a different list length on different attempts to reproduce it. Here is a screenshot.

and here is after I hit pageup a few times. Ordinarily the list would fill the screen, but a large gray box renders at the bottom instead.

Here’s a similar screenshot from Firefox, but in this case I started at the top of a long list and hit pagedown, rather than starting at the bottom and hitting pageup.

Additional comments

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Thanks for reporting the bug! We’ll try to reproduce it and see if we have any luck.

How often do you run into this bug, just by normally using PageUp and PageDown?

P.S. I like how you’re using numbered list to show how many items are you creating :smiley:

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I’ve run into it three or four times, with lists as short as 80 items. Thanks for looking into it!

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