Make the cursor follow the pagedown/pageup

The cursor does not follow when the pagedown key is pressed, so if the pageup key is pressed after repeated pagedown key presses, the display area returns to where the cursor is.

Is it possible to make the cursor follow the pagedown/pageup?

Certainly, fixing the cursor at the position before scrolling may have the advantage of returning to the initial input position after referring to other information. But wouldn’t that be better done with mouse wheel scrolling, etc.?

At least when in the editing state, I find it more intuitive and usable, and the user experience while browsing feels more natural, if the cursor is moved by pagedown/pageup. How do you feel about this?


  • OS: Arch Linux x86_64
  • Kernel: 6.0.9-arch1-1
  • WM: sway
  • dynalist-desktop 1.0.6-2

There is already a thread below, but I created a new one because I felt it had not been fully discussed. Sorry if it has not.