Want some Advice on Organizing Projects in Dynalist

Hello everyone :grinning:

I am new to Dynalistand so please forgive me if there are any mistake. I have been exploring its features for the past few weeks; I am really impressed with how well it organizes data.

Right now I am currently working on a projects & need your help on the best way to use Dynalist to its fullest potential; The projects I am working on have several stages, a ton of chores, and smaller tasks.

I would like advice and help on:

  • How can I organize my Dynalist papers so that everything is in its proper place? In Dynalist,
    how can you connect related items and facilitate information retrieval by using internal links
    and tags?
  • How do you keep track of task progress in Dynalist and manage your workflow?
  • How do you manage your workflow and track the progress of tasks in Dynalist?
  • How do you handle collaboration in Dynalist when working in a team?

There are any advice, tips and suggestion for sharing documents and suggestion.
also i have check this: https://talk.dynalist.io/t/a-few-dynalist-project-management-looker-ideas/805

I am want to hear how you all are using Dynalist for complex projects and any tips or tricks you have found helpful. :hugs:

Thanks in advance :grinning:

Hello @Liamani
I have collected a couple links to some items that may be of interest. Mind you, there are many excellent and detailed discussions on the forum here related to your inquiry.

Tag structure for Dynalist (GTD , Zettelkasten and SecondBrain ) - :rainbow:Share & Showcase - Dynalist Forum

Sharing an Item Within a Document, Not Entire Document - :star2:Features - Dynalist Forum

Sharing an Item Within a Document, Not Entire Document - :star2:Features - Dynalist Forum

Some of my own posts in some of these threads are admittedly a bit tedious, but may be worth walking through(?) considering they speak directly to your inquiry.

A note on collaboration I would point out… Dynalist sharing is a bit limited. Depending on what I am trying to accomplish

  • sometimes I employ another outliner, like workflowy, for copying over explicit materials from Dynalist for sharing something out to other/s
  • sometimes I create a standalone Dynalist document, somewhat of an extract from one or more others, for sharing out from Dynalist directly
  • sometimes I share from one of my prime Dynalist documents until, at a certain time where I want to stop sharing it, then I create a new (unshared) document to copy all of the contents of the old one into so I can delete the old share (shared doc) …to get rid of (destroy) its link.

A note on managing workflows I would point out… pay close attention to what some of “the masters” here (not me!) discuss on customizing tags. Leveraging the power for “tracking” is all about how you create/sculpt “filtering” with your tags and saved searches. Expect it to morph over time as your use of Dynalist grows deeper.

I hope anything here may be helpful.
Good luck!