Vincent Tang's 5-22-17 Phrase Express File

Here’s my phrase express file
I annotated every macro as much as possible so its intuitive to whoevers looking at it

Many of the macros were also taken from @Stephen_Dewitt

I picked the most universally useful macros that most people can benefit from. Also the ones I seem to rely on the most as well.

How to load macro:

(1) Download the file

(2) Stick it in dropbox

(3) Download phrase express and install

(4) Run phraseexpress (its at the bottom right tray menu → right click “edit macros”)

(5) Go to file → open → from cloud

(6) Open the file you just downloaded

How to understand macro contents

Brief explanation of how to interpret all the files in here, and how I organized it

You should click through each macro to see what it does. A vast majority of them are completely self explanatory though

Settings I use:

Also… as as a side note: These macros were all designed to work on dynalist default settings. With the exception of these keyboard binding:

And these:

what’s a macro FAQ

I wrote a short little faq here

I’m starting to lean more towards FASTKEYS, a windows based program instead of phrase-express

Fastkeys has gesture controls and more advanced / native windows autohotkey hooks that phrase-express doesn’t offer since its cross-platform


Very helpful thanks Vincent as my macro organisation is currently non-existant!

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