Treat Search Results as a Document

I have a couple of saved searches, primarily to see all the items for a given project (hash-tag) regardless of their context (it’s a GTD thing).

It would be really useful to have a toggle that lets me switch between drilling into the item I click on (like it is today); and treating the search results as a document containing all the items retrieved by the search. So I could directly edit and check-off items without having to drill into them.

(this is 3 of 3 GTD related features I’m proposing today)


Trying to understand it better – is this the same as this feature?

“Treating it like a document” sounds like there’s more to it though, like being able to save it to a new document. Just want to make sure I 100% understand what you mean.

Nope, no more to it.

I would just like to be able to edit my items directly in the search results, without having to zoom in on them. And then have to do my search again because you there’s no zoom out (the bread crumb takes me back to the containing document - NOT to the search result I came from).

Essentially it’s because I’m using Dynalist to implement a GTD system. In my case I’ve used documents as contexts and hash-tags as projects. When I want to see every action (i.e.: item) related to a project I use a global search on that hash-tag.

If want to review everything to do with a project I’m using a search result. But to make updates I have to zoom in on each item and then go back to my search. It’s not as efficient has the direct editing or zoom in/zoom out that’s available in a document.

Thanks for the quick replies!!!


I see. I think I understand your use case better now - thanks for the detailed explanation!

I would even say, don’t call it ‘search’ – call in ‘view’ (or something)

If search results are editable, and all the found items and their sub-items are accessible and editable, then by just entering a few search keywords you can have a brand view of many lists and work on them.


  1. work on all lists due today or tomorrow
  2. work on lists marked @urgent
  3. Work on all lists containing name/expression
    … etc …
    If those searches are then bookmarked, you have a super-useful workflow that give much order to a database with many lists.

Two great ideas-features there: Search as breadcrumb, and directly editable search results of multiple documents :slight_smile:

The second is what keeps me from using multiple documents instead of a single nested one.


I just realized you can use the Back button to go back to the search results. Sorry for not thinking of this earlier!

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What do you mean by “search as breadcrumb”?

On the top of the page where we have a breadcrumb when we zoom in, have a “search results” as the beginning/root of that, such that we are able to go back to the search results. Not sure if this a great idea, but that is what I meant :slight_smile:

If “flat search” and “search in all documents” could present results as the regular search (no ctrl+enter or shift+enter modifier) that would be the best scenario for me. The differences I observe:

  • I use “Narrow document layout”. When ctrl+enter or shift+enter are pressed, layout of the page becomes wider. It takes a couple seconds to adapt to the new view.
  • Cannot click checkboxes without zooming in.
  • Cannot click and change the dates without zooming in. By the way, sometimes I manage to do it but I do not know when and how. It seems random.

Same request here!I would like to be able check my todo list from a global search since it’s the way I have a complete overview of all the checkboxes in my notes.

Commented in more detail here:

Is it on the roadmap @Erica?

Thanks :slight_smile: