Check the Checkbox in Global Search

I see the checkbox in Global Search, but when I attempt to click on the checkbox to mark it as done, it send me to the item. I want to be able to check the checkbox right in the global search view.


Sounds like a subset of this feature request: Treat Search Results as a Document

I think so. But is this part easier to implement than other part in that request?

Same requesfrom me.

Also when i zoom in sublist from search results i like to go back to the search results in iOS when i finished editting.

Now eachtime.when i zoomed in a subject of the search results, i go back to my bookmark to get the overview back.

In Web it works fine but in iOS is not working.
Will this functionality comes to iOS as well ?


Unfortunately, on Android there’s the back button but it doesn’t exist on iOS. We’ll probably add one in the future.

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Well technically it’s easier since it’s a subset of that feature. But it’s weird that it’s checkable but not editable – we’d prefer to make it editable all at once, to make things consistent.

What do you think?

I can understand your viewpoint.

To me, there is always a great temptation to check the checkbox in Global Search, because I really see the checkbox there. For now, when I check the checkbox, I get sent to that particular item, and then that item is placed in the title bar (and without a checkbox - because item at the title bar don’t have checkbox), and I need to use keyboard shortcut to check that item, and go back to the original search.

In the mobile read-only mode, we also have the case that “checkbox is checkable but item text is not editable”.



Will this be feature comes before the final AppStore version or is this more in version 1.01 or later

Really missed this option on iOS.


As you can see from the discussion, we haven’t decided this is the way to go, so no, probably not going to be included in the first public release.

it would be great to be able to check the header/title item (currently zoomed) if it is part of a check-list.

It’s currently checkable with the Ctrl+Enter shortcut.

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