Tags with punctuations are broken

Steps to reproduce

Adding punctuations after # or @, e.g. #/test, @/test

Expected result

They should appear as one tag

Actual result

The tags with punctuations are broken, and only # or @ is detected. Please refer to the screenshot below.


Desktop and web version (Chrome).
The issue doesn’t exist on the mobile app.

Additional information

Not sure if it is related to this post, as the bug just appears today.
Would it be possible to fix it soon, as I’ve been using the tags on daily basis?
Thanks a lot!

Punctuations shouldn’t be allowed in tags, that was a long running bug that was just fixed recently.

You can use underscores (_) and dash/minus (-) in tags though.


I see, in that case I’ll fix the tag format then. Thanks @Shida for the quick reply!

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what is the reason that it is not allowed? I have found it incredibly useful to use punctuation in tags. I have hundreds of such tags that were created with this. It will take me an incredible amount of time to individually change each tag now (especially as there is no find/replace).

The amount of work required to fix my tags now is overwhelming and depressing. Are you sure you cannot continue with punctiation in tags?

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I agree, it’s an oversight on our part for not thinking of a proper migration step if you were previously using punctuation tags.

There is a find & replace (it’s just a bit more hidden than usual). For now you can use this as a workaround (I’m so sorry if you’ve been using those tags across multiple documents, since you’ll have to do this in each document)

For reference, it’s been on our bug list since around 2017. Part of the reason we haven’t made the switch back then was precisely because some were punctuation in tags. It was a recent decision to change the behavior because in almost every other app, punctuation aren’t allowed.

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