Tag pane (Pro feature)

See details here: http://blog.dynalist.io/tag-pane/

Compiled list of possible future improvements (not in order of priority):

  1. [DONE] Alphabetical sort.
  2. [PARTIALLY DONE] Rename/replace tag.
  3. [DONE] Make “Document tags” and “All tags” collapsible.
  4. Folders to organize tags.
  5. Tags for the current level/zooming.

Hi guys,

You’ve done a really nice job getting this together thank you. For those of us who have a lot of our stuff (and therefore lots of tags) in a single document, is there any hope of showing all the tags in the currently displayed list at some point? I get how this would be difficult but if like me you do mostly use a single document then this becomes a pane with 100+ tags which just isn’t very functional … Again you’ve done a great job on it, it just falls down a bit when you have a large amount of tags in a single doc.

Search within the pane would also help with this.

Best wishes and thanks again for your continued development!



Yep another great feature. Thank You!

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Absolutely stellar work! Do you think that you will add a shortcut (e.g., Ctrl+Shift+T) to toggle the tag pane in the future?

This is great, very good start thanks.
I have just one proposition to make it perfect (for me at least :wink:
It’s the possibility to create sub tag to organize the tag pan and implement a function used in the to do app « Things » (by Culture Code) that make the search by tag so easy.

I explain myself :
In my job, I have a tag for every people with whom I’m working with, spread in different projects.
Each one of them are working in specific team, like IT team, MOA, process team,…) . What I would like is being able to create something like :
. team one
. guy 1
. guy 2
. guy 3
. team two
. guy 4
. …
Now, If I’m in the document named “project 1”, I would love to see something like a « tag bar » above the header of the document that display the highest tag hierarchy in this specific document.
Like this, If I click on #teamone tag (that would be the highest tag hierarchy in the document), Dynalist would only display the bullet assigned to the guys in the team « one ».

This is just an example, there is a lot of very useful case ! Maybe you could have a look on what culture code is doing with their tag management, as for me, it’s just perfection !!

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We had Ctrl+Shift+T in mind, but it conflicts with important shortcuts in most browsers (e.g. in Chrome it opens the last closed document which is super important for some people).

But if it’s not Ctrl+Shift+T, it won’t be consistent with Ctrl+Shift+F (file pane) and Ctrl+Shift+B (bookmark pane).

I guess we’ll leave it as a blank shortcut so people can customize it.



I think the tag pane is a great step in improvement for dynalist

However, I feel like its missing some things:

  • There’s just way too many tags right now and really low amounts of real estate to see what I need to see

I was hoping for something very similar to evernote’s UI tagging system panel. Which has the following features:

  • Ability to sort tags based on folders (folders sit at the very top)
  • Most recently added tags are the first ones seen on top of queue, but below folders
  • Ability to “Shortcut” tags. Although bookmarks does this already
  • Ability to group and bulk move tags to folders easily

For me, I would say the number one use for tag pane is to help me analyze how which tags I am using most often, and which ones I am not really, and to understand my relationships between tags. Also, in evernote, I nest tags inside tags, this helps me understand what the relationships of tags are. For instance, in evernote I had:

  • Client Tags
    – Client 1 tag
    – Client 2 tag
    – Client 3 tag
    – Client 4 tag

I treat evernote tags like folders in evernote. So I could have a tag that appears in two different parent tags

  • Client Tags
    Client 1 tag
    – Client 2 Tag
    – Client 3 tag
    – Client 4 tag
  • Ongoing client tags
    Client 1 tag

Ideally, I would say, that the tag pane should be able to “expand” into a full dashboard (taking up entire screen), but dynalist doesn’t have support for this yet though. If I’m organizing tags, I want my whole screen with the ability to see and organize all tags at the same time, similar to evernote

Granted, I never navigated my evernote notes via tag panes manually either… It was just there to ensure I understood how my tags related to each other. It helps me understand the big picture in my notes. Its very similar to why I write a SOP(standard operating procedures) despite the fact I almost never look at it

Evernote’s tagpane UI definitely is the best in class, and should be followed for future improvements in my opinion

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I must admit I enjoy organising tags in Evernote into folders, but in all honesty, it is a pointless exercise for me. I only use tags with autocomplete, so I never consult the hierarchy in a practical way. What I do find useful in Evernote are prefixes for tags, such as / for records or # for projects, which Dynalist is already set up for.

I agree that sorting by frequency useful for checking how well the tag system works, but an alternative sort by alphabet would be good to manage the formal system. I can’t see how the folder system would also allow for sorting by frequency.

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I agree that it was for the most part pointless exercise as well. 95% of my tags are not going to be needed to be tracked

Actually, I’m not even sure what I want from a tag pane honestly.

All I really want is a dashboard where I can elevate a handful of selected tags to have higher permissions to give me “inbox” notifications to myself at certain time frames.

Alphabetical order would make more sense

Tags on tagpane should be sorted by # then @ tags though in my opinion, as of right now its in no particular order

Yes I also learned from my evernote days that fixed prefixes and suffixes like @>p-personal, @>p-personal-house, @>p-personal-house-newkitchen are the best way to organise tags. It would be amazing if a program could actually support this approach by having a single recognised ‘tag level’ notation (e.g. the - sign, or / perhaps) which it would then automatically use to organise your tags into nested folders.

Because this is the best approach, at the moment in all honesty I would actually find the simple feature of tag auto-complete in the Dynalist search bar far more powerful than this entire tag pane because you could then type in @>p-personal and see all the tags with this prefix (i.e. all your personal projects (just like in evernote)). I must admit given it’s presumed simplicity to implement and usefulness, I am surprised we don’t have auto complete in the search bar yet …

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Apologies if this has been mentioned but one thing that would be LOVELY with this tag pane is the ability to right click a tag and change the name of it and subsequently for this change to be made to every single instance of that tag throughout your dynalist account.

So for example if you right click #read on the tag pane and edit the name to be #~read, then all #read tags everywhere are instantly changes to #~read … this is also how it works in evernote :slight_smile:


Added to the original post.

Ooh, how exciting, thank you! How about the ability to pin some of your favourite tags to the top (or some other way of manually separating off tags you want, like folders?) - often the tags you most often want to search for (e.g. high level project tags) are not at all the ones that are most numerous in the document

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I can understand adding folders, but how is favoring tags different from adding bookmarks?

Folders would be better, but one advantage favouriting tags has over bookmarks is that clicking on the tag runs a search in the current list while a bookmarked search also takes you to a specific list as well as running a tag search. But yea, folders would be amazing.

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Hi @Erica

I know I’ve been more quiet lately but I still use Dynalist every day :slight_smile: I came here to request this: a relative tag list feature. I still keep everything in a single document. So when I’m at work I go to my work subitem and it would be cool to only see the tags in there. I have too many tags…

Thanks for the reminder! I think that’s the same as No. 5 in the main post?

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Yes, please!!!

How about separating at-tags and hash-tags? I use at-tags for people so having them mixed in with the hash-tags is confusing.

In the Settings there could be an option to separate tags by type; and then fields to name the at-tag type and the hast-tag type (in my case, Contacts and Projects respectively - but to each their own).


When you do alphabetical sort these two should be separated, right?

Ah, yes it is! Sorry for rushing into posting.

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