Include List of Tags Present at Current Zoom Level in Tag Pane

I think the Tag Pane should have a third section (in addition to the already present Document Tags and All Tags) that lists only the tags that are present at the current zoom level you are viewing in your document. This would make it so much easier to tell at a glance the contents of dense parts of any given document.

Also, if you are viewing search results at a particular zoom level, I think this new part of the tag pane should display only the tags present within the search results. This would greatly increase the power of any given search.

Note that this feature would not just benefit those of us who only use one document for all our Dynalist information. Anyone can relate to having a document that just keeps getting bigger and contains more and more tags, and sometimes you want to isolate a certain zoom level and see exactly what tags you’re working with there.

This would essentially give Dynalist the same functionality as Evernote’s “Tag Picker.” So this is not a revolutionary idea, but it is an incredibly useful one. Erica said at Tag pane (Pro feature) that this is a prominent possible feature, so I’m sure we can get it with enough votes!


+1 for this! Would be super useful for me too.

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+1 for this feature!

One of the great features of Workflowy.

Super useful for organizing projects with very precise/local/specific tags. Right now, if I don’t want to clutter the tag pane and tag auto-complete with super specific tags that only relate to a particular project I have to create a new document, which has many disadvantages: ie. broken internal links if I move old itens to a new document; search results that can’t be edited in global search, etc.

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The up-and-coming Roam Research also includes this functionality. Everyone’s doing it!