Tag pane (Pro feature)


No worries, just wanna make sure we have it written down. That doubles as a big upvote for that improvement :slight_smile:


Alphabet sort please. Thanks for the great work.


I’d like to see the option for alphabetical or manual ordering of tags.

Also, since there’s limited ability to organize tags (meaning the tag list is likely to be long and not organized – so related tags might be separated by quite a distance) a quick tag search/filter at the top of the tag list would be helpful.

I did not see this on the road-map. Is there a way to vote for this feature?

– DG


It’s already in the compiled list in the topic.

Sorry, no, as if we put every single request on our roadmap it would be very hard to browse. We’ve only posted the most commonly requested there to keep it short (the list is still super long).

Once there’s alphabetical sort, it’s easier to find tags though, right? Adding a search/filter bar would complicate the UI, I’m afraid, especially for people who don’t own as many tags.


Ok, thank you.

Regarding usefulness of a tag search/filter bar, see Evernote’s implementation. They provide a quick way to filter tags such that typing 1-3 characters get’s you a manageable list that’s easy to choose from. It’s not distracting. And it’s very useful.


The thing is, Evernote never seem to aim for simplicity. You can tell from the interface itself:

While at Dynalist we try to not add anything unnecessary at the moment. Not saying it’s not useful, but a pop-up filter bar that appears on demand probably work better for Dynalist. We’ll think about it!


Agreed. But I don’t find the current Dynalist list of tags useful. It’s unsorted [and unsearchable-deleted]. Hence I just close it and ignore it because it’s not useful.

But I would like it to be useful.

I take back what I said about the tag list being unsearchable. I can use the browser search function to search the list. I got confused about that because my normal shortcut key to browser search is Ctrl-F – but that just opens the dynalist search.

Just realized I could use F3 or search from the browser menu and that will allow me to search the tag list.

I need some kind of search to use the tag list. This will do.


Thanks for being so understanding.

Ctrl+G should also work, and it can cycle through the results. I hope that helps!


Just a reminder (vote) that renaming tags would close a major gap.


Thanks for the reminder!


Short after thought…the Document Finder pop up (Ctrl+O) is a great example for how I’d prefer a tag search feature to work.

No need to reply. Just wanted to mention that for the record.


Agreed! It makes use of an existing UI and is less reliant on the mouse. Thanks for the suggestion!


Update: sorting is available now! (Web only right now)

You can toggle between sorting alphabetically (A-Z) and sorting by occurrences (most frequent to least frequent).



Sorting tags is great! Thanks so much!


When can we expect folders, any estimates? With 100+ tags it’s hard to analyse information:(


Agreed, folders for tags and bookmarks would be fantastic.


Does toggling sort help at all?


It sure does! But sometimes it’s much easier to search the items by broad topic. Creating a “category” tag for each item is cumbersome and you have no way of finding the items without the category.
So, folders. Not the end of the world, if you have more important issues at hand, I understand.


Thanks for being so understanding!

Folders can be useful, but it seems that it’s more work for both us and the end users, since you need to create, maintain, and update the folders.

Will a simple search filter at the top be more useful and lightweight at the same time?


I’m not sure it makes much sense from design standpoint, but yeah, sleek unobtrusive search bar would be a QoL feature.

As to my other concerns: it would be nice to see which notes have no tag at all, in case you added something quickly and then forgot to tag it. If you have lots of stuff in your Inbox, the item would be lost forever:) Something along the lines of that:


What do you think?