✪ TABLE OF CONTENT NAV: Scroll Tag $variable [OR] Right Pane Nav H1 to H6

I would really like something like this

Basically, my current convention is to use as few nested bulletpoints as possible, and just have a really long, but well organized list of items. This makes data entry and viewing really simple

My problem is when my list gets really big, there’s really no way to navigate quickly without using CTRL+G and typing in whatever I want to search, and it gets really messy since when you close out of the search it returns you to where you originally started the search

Ideally, I’d like to have a traditional “TOC” (Table of Contents) where I can click somewhere in my view, and immediately go to a matching tag without going through any searchbox

Basically, it looks like what the TOC for PDFs look like, or word documents, or googlesheets

see attached pdf for reference


TL;DR Basically, I would like a unique variable using the operator $ , like $var1, which, when clicked, scrolls to any matching $var1 in that list view mode. If there’s no matching variable viewable, it does nothing and returns “cannot find” error or something.

This would eliminate the need for alot of scrolling and finding bulletpoints when you have really long singular lists

This would apply for people who write software manuals, SOPs, textbooks, fiction-books, project documents, business plans, really long documents, etc and would really give dynalist more traditional word processing features in scaling notes

I’m not sure how you would implement this for hidden child bulletpoints, but ideally I would like it to work for all visible tags

There’s probably a way to get this to work using a tampermonkey script though, I just haven’t gotten around to figuring it out. But I’d really love if this was a native function

This adds onto the workflowy/ dynalist tag index cloud here:

For reference, this is what my long list of singular bulletpoint notes / SOP looks like

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EDIT: Adding onto the Table of Contents Idea

It would be really cool to have something similar to app.classeur.io, where when you specify a documents H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 header tags, etc that you could pregenerate / automatically generate a Table of contents based on those. And then access that on as a right side preview pane

(Top Navigation - Traditional TOC example - would be the tag index cloud mentioned earlier)

(Right Side Example - app.classeur.io https://app.classeur.io/#!/files/hQdy64kqVpEEx9WAOINy ):

(Left Side Example: Gitbooks.io - 0 - Intro to ShareX · ShareX-User-Manual - my ShareX Manual)

It would massively simplify managing big documents on one level really simple

You could scale as much information as you want, easily view and enter the data, and customize it with inline images, unicode, etc etc (see my SOP gif example above)

Also, I would really like H4, H5, H6 tags to be supported as well, and the ability to choose font-size ratios for regularfont: H1:H2:H3 (Their way too big, I have to use custom CSS to shrink them)

Hi. this is easy. I know you know but still you can create hyperlinks for that need. what would be the difference?

and yes. H1 H2 H3 theyre very big and little usable in real situations

I don’t use any hyperlinks between documents at all. Its not a good practice in my opinion to interlink documents, first its not efficient to navigate documents back and forth this way, second its not robust, portable, nor reliable to rely on links that could break especially if you delete bulletpoints

H1 H2 H3 I modified with CSS so isn’t as large

i just use ctrl+F macros with chrome instead which does the job just fine