Support for multiple columns


I know Dynalist is primarily an outliner app. But it would be very productive and helpful (at least for me) to have multiple columns.

Let’s say I made a list in Dynalist. I can open certain ‘parent’ or ‘children’ on a separate column so I can view multiple sections at a time. Much like what a Kanban board can do. The only difference is that it’s structured as an outliner (which I prefer) rather than “cards” typically used in kanban apps.


I often want to see multiple views of a document too. My workaround is to have multiple browser windows open to different parts of the same Dynalist outline. They sync quickly so it works pretty well.


I was just going to add this! I use a large monitor, which is common today. I’d like to be able to use the full screen. So at least 2 columns or windows would be needed, like new windows or even dual page displays in MS Word.

Multiple browser windows works if you’re desperate. But I’d much rather have it native to the Dynalist desktop app.


That’s a good workaraound! I use Vivaldi browser so tiling of tabs will be very useful for that since I don’t need to open multiple windows. Still, I would prefer something native on Dynalist.


Very much agreed. Having 2 or more columns would be very helpful especially when comparing multiple lists or multiple sections of a list.


There’s a Chrome extension that lets you open two outlines or view two parts of an outline side-by-side. Dynalist Allstar it’s called.


That’s pretty handy. But of course many would still prefer a native implementation especially when using the desktop app. And for me, I really don’t want to add extensions on my browser than what I already have for permance reasons.


I just open Dynalist twice. Which is fine except for sync delays.