Dynalist Allstar (Chrome Extension) - call to developer

I was hoping to get in touch with the developer of Dynalist Allstar and before contacting through his email on the Chrome Web Store, I thought I’d reach out here on the forum.

This is the extension I would love to see. Currently, at least for me, it loads and produces 2 panes, but the right pane never displays anything.

The reason I am reaching out, is to offer my help, such as it is, with addressing the current issue I alluded to above. If you have moved on to other things or don’t have time anymore/at the moment perhaps I can contribute to your repo? Anything really, including just offering to help test the extension.

Split panes with a separate document (or the same document for that matter) would be an amazing boost for my workflow. PowerPack 3 had this feature and it was/is amazing but I ran into resource issues.

Anyway, if you are interested, kind developer, please get in touch


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I believe you’re looking for @jerrygoyal?

Thanks, Erica

I’ve messaged Jerry

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Hi, due to work overload I am afraid I can’t contribute to the development of Dynalist Allstar extension. The repo is open source https://github.com/JerryGoyal/Dynalist-Allstar-chrome-extension so pleae feel free to fork or raise a PR if you make any changes to this and I’ll make sure that I update it to the chrome webstore so that others can also use it

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Thanks Jerry. I feel that particular pain as well, but Dynalist in side-by-side panes would offset that, for me at least. Good luck with your work!

Hoping to dive in with this soon.