Spell checker does't work

Steps to reproduce

Toggle spell checker on.
Type "spl chek ".

Expected result

A red dotted lines show up underneath the words.

Actual result

Nothing happen.


Mac OS 10.13.4
Dynalist 1.1.4 (Desktop app)

Additional information

I had never toggle spell checker ON on Dynalist before.
On other apps such as Chrome and built in Note.app, spell checker works.
I tried re-installing the app, but still spell checker doesn’t works.

It is currently an outstanding feature request: Add spell-checking support for desktop apps

Background info: the spell checker is basically provided by the browser and we just chose to enable it, which is easy. On the desktop app we need to implement the spell checker from scratch, which is a huge and difficult task.

I hope that’s understandable!

I see. Thank you!

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