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Tremendous. Really useful. Thank you.
Looking forward to desktop and mobile soon :crossed_fingers:

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Great work! Thank you!

Awesome news! Thank you!!!

Is some evolution of this still on the road map? In particular sort by colour???

They are kinda too small for the roadmap; you can open a feature request on the forum though so we can measure the interest.

Honestly we were doing sorting by color, but couldn’t decide whether items with no color should be at top of bottom (I was thinking bottom but wasn’t sure).

There already is one, Promote list to "sorted list" and sort by colors or alphabetical order

Searching for “sort” in the Features category reveals quite a few sorting requests, some of which can probably be marked as implemented now.

I’m happy with bottom, but it’s more important to me that colours get grouped together. In my system everything in a to-do list should have a colour - if it doesn’t that’s my fault.


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Well, his post asked for both alphabetical sort and by color, so I guess it’s partially implemented?

If we were to measure interest more precisely, maybe I can mark that one as “Implemented” and you can open a new one. Up to you!

Roger that, thanks for the info!

Done, Sort by color label


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but i just wanted to sort by date tag

Someone in the blog comment section brought that up too.

Maybe start a separate post if one doesn’t exist yet?

Hey Erica, would really love to have this feature on mobile (especially since manual sort on any mobile device is so cumbersome!). Should I raise this as a separate thread or do you have this tracked somewhere? :slight_smile:

Yep, that would be very nice of you! Let’s see how many people want it and if it’s worth it to crowd the toolbar a bit more.

when sorting by date edited, does it only include that node… and nothing underneath? It would be great if there was an option for sorting by date edited for anything underneath. I just read algorithms for life and want to use the Lest Recently Used method for sorting a lot of the junk on there. :slight_smile:

Another thing that would be great is sort by date opened.
Date created, date edited (including subs), date opened or viewed.

Please :slight_smile:

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