Simple, top-level, non-filtering hightlight search

There is just one feature that is making me hesitant to fully switch over to Dynalist. It is a very simple feature that all text-based editors have: The ability to search without filtering. In other words, without zooming in to any bullet points, simply highlight the searched terms in view.

From my own search, this has already been brought up before but with no strong resolution:

I like having one big document containing all of my thoughts, so this is a common use case for me at least. Again, all I want to do is search for a term from the top-most level and highlight/focus it, instead of zooming into it. This is an easy task for any other text-based application

That’s called flat search, and here is how to use it

This feature filters the search results. Not what I asked for.

Are you talking about the browser’s Find function? That will just scroll a page and highlight phrases without changing the page.

Maybe I should have mentioned: I want this specifically for the desktop app where that menu doesn’t exist

Oh I see

Yeah the desktop app is Electron, meaning it’s just the website saved into a crippled and stripped down version of Chrome.

There is looooong list of features that are only available in a full browser. Maybe I should make a list, since a lot of posts here seem to find new ones all the time.

If you want a compromise, the alternative to Electron is PWA, meaning you go to the website in chrome and wrap your own app by clicking Create Shortcut, checkmarking New Window. You’ll get an icon on your desktop, it will open like a standalone app, but there will be a menu in the corner with the Find option, unlike Electron. I forget if PWA apps work offline tho.