HELP: Non-filtering Simple Search on Desktop App

(This is a help topic 2020-09-29)

I am in Desktop app and wish to perform a non-filtering, simple text search on any Dynalist page I am in (both zoomed or not), just like how we search on a web page in web browser using Ctrl F. Web browsers usually label this function as “Find”, “Find on page”, or “Find in this page” etc in their menus.

What I already know but not of help for my question above:

  • Dynalist’s standard Search-in-doc Ctrl F (this is a filtering function)
  • Dynalist’s “search in all docs” (Ctrl Enter)
  • Dynalist’s “flat search” (Shift Enter)
  • Dynalist’s file finder
  • Dynalist’s item finder
  • Yes, Dynalist browser app can do what I need.

I vote for this. The search functionality is kinda frustrating for me, because what I usually need is to look around the item found. So I search for a string, I find it, I click where it is, then somehow I need to reset the filter and look around the section I’m in, and I got mixed behaviours, and I lose time. A natural search-jump instead of search-filter would be far better for me.

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To the Support team:
Given that no response from you, should I convert this Help topic to Feature request?

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Do it please!! :pray: