Shortcut to bring dynalist to front

I’m coming from nvAlt, and there’s a shortcut that brings the app to the front, for quick access. Fantastical has a similar shortcut. I don’t see one for dynalist, and this would be a great addition!

If you’re on Chrome, this extension may work for you:

Also if you’re on windows win + 1 opens the first program on the task bar (and so on for the other numbers) - I always keep dynalist pinned as the first program so that I can do exactly this.

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Thanks! Does anyone know an app/shortcut for this function on a Mac? I currently use the app switcher. but would like a toggle similar to what win+1 does on PC.

You can open/show/activate any application with shortcut thanks to . It’s not possible by default, AFAIK, and trick with is not working anymore (at least for me). With KM you can do also things like For Mac users: Capturing from anywhere? Duplication? More? YES! and almost everything you want to automate your workflow in any app

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