For Mac users: Capturing from anywhere? Duplication? More? YES!

I tried every text expander app for Mac and finally today I found Keyboard Maestro. What can you do with this? Well, it seems like everything related to automation. And it can also read and modify html of websites, it seriously looks like it is limitless :open_mouth:

Besides obvious things like templates and expanding abbreviations, I’m using it currently for:

Duplicate item without children Dropbox

Duplicate item and its children (you need to modify it it you want to select and duplicate multiple items, because currently it duplicate item properly when cursor is visible in item, not when item is selected, but it’s easy to modify, it’s based only on keyboard shortcuts) Dropbox

Capturing from anywhere! I have document called “#inbox” in DL and this macro check if there are Chrome windows opened (you can use Safari if you want, but you will need to modify it slightly) and if those windows have tab with title containing “#inbox” - if it exist, Chrome and this tab will be focused. If not then new small Chrome window will open for me with this document (you need to provide link to your document in macro, I removed link to my document before exporting it). You can have as many capture documents (or zooms in one document, you need only link and title for macro to work and zooms are like normal documents) as you like and recreate this functionality many times. I bet that this can be automated even more, to automatically paste some text and close window, but I don’t need it.

This is amazing, I already love it and I only use maybe 0,1% of possibilities :open_mouth:


Copy and move: it selects current node (and children), duplicate, focus it and ask where it should be moved. You can automate it more to move this in some predefined place automatically. You can use it many times with different shortcuts to move to different places automatically.
You can also modify it to use abbreviations (typed within item but after execution this text will be removed) as triggers if you don’t want to remember hotkeys, e.g.:
;dcma → copy and move to archive
;dcmi → copy and move to inbox

I’ve heard of keyboard maestro its basically on par with PhraseExpress. But phrase express works on all operating systems though including android and iphone

Also I’m testing out a program called FASTKEYS, which is arguably even more powerful than phrase-express but rather complicated to learn

i think phraseexpress is fairly intuitive though

Also, autohotkey in general is much more powerful than applescripts (which is what these programs are based on)

As I said, I tried everything, including PE. PE functionality is nothing when compared to this, I can’t even duplicate items with PE because it can’t copy and paste correctly in Chrome when there are other keystroke actions in between.

Both FASTKEYS and Autohotkey are Windows only and I clearly stated in the topic that this is for Mac users :slight_smile: