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Again I new here. My most critical process is change. Tagging becomes very valuable which dynalist does admirably. But changing tag(s) is even more critical as projects, events, learning, etc pass through various stages of completion. Trello which appears to be popular on this forum attempts to do this. Evernote has a very nice feature here which one reason I continue to use for review, recap, and retagging. (although I am testing gdocs in “outline mode” which features internal linking to chapter(or header designation) and I do like. Note my recaps may have many pages of information and research. (your mileage may be different.)

I would recommend the ability to multiselect notes and bring up a dialog that lists all my tags (by my order request) and have all tags specific to these notes show a “check or unchecked status” I would then be able to delete or change, and ability to create a new tag if necessary.
I then can move multi notes to different activity status.

Just my thought


Hi, it would definitely be good to be able to change a tag, and have all tags change at once. E.g. in Evernote a tag can be renamed, and all references are automatically using the renamed version. At the very least there should be a search and replace to rename all tags across all documents. It is impractical and time-consuming changing them one at a time.


Definitely agree!


Me 3!

As a consideration: I’ve got multiple tags throughout my lists, so would need to be able to find/replace these for a Tag rename to be of any use.


Yeah, ideally there’ll be a “Rename” option when right clicking a tag. And that would pop up a dialog to change it.


I was saying, in addition to this, you’d need Find/Replace to replace tags repeated throughout my lists. If I just rename the Tag, none of multiple tags I’ve written throughout my lists will work anymore.

Document wide text search and replace

Yeah, that’s what I mean, otherwise it’s pointless to rename it. Sorry I wasn’t being clear, I was talking about right clicking on a tag inside the tag pane, which represents all occurrences of that tag (that’s obvious I think, since the number of occurrences is also in the parenthesis).


Cool, that would def be nifty, but would be more to build rather than starting with something many are already asking for - find/replace, which does the same job. Just my 2c


Yeah, I agree. I was just echoing @Wayne_Smith’s point about a convenient feature to replace/replace tags.


Again I am not sure how important find and search/replace is for most dynalist users I originally posted this request. And it still is very important to me. “Search” to me is not just a one to many relationship but a many to many relationship. I use dynalist as scheduling tool. (and I like it very much) Context (what, who, where, supportref, etc) and status (nextaction, recap, rewrite, etc) becomes very important in documenting, doing, and filing) and can only be accomplished (IMO) by tags and (better yet) nesting tags.

To that point i have found a somewhat type of workaround. Documents are my projects. Bring up a document. In win (ctrl a) and copy all document items and paste into a new note in evernote.
from there use evenote: Edit>Find & Replace>Replace within note. Follow dialog prompts and one can find and then replace all tags that must change. Once changed one can then recopy back to dynalist.
A bit cumbersome but works. (note!) could not get this to work for gdocs on a pc. hope this helps those with similar challenges as mine
regards, bnp


Did this feature request for a Search and Replace function ever make it to roadmap? This would be a great feature to easily tag, change tags or remove tags easily.


It’s there on the roadmap and highly requested :slight_smile:


Yes. I would really benefit from a fully featured search and replace functionality. Currently if I need to replace something my method is to export a OPML file, edit it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad++, Sublime, etc), and import the modified OPML file back into Dynalist. The problem with this is that it imports as a new file, so the URL changes, which causes sharing/collaboration issues.
I’m a new dynalist user, so any tips are welcome.


Hi I would like to gently motivate that this is critical feature for the product. It is great that we can now change tags in one document, but as I am sure many people use the same tag across multiple documents, it becomes a real chore to have to do it one document at a time. I propose that the rename feature of tags works both in the document and “all tags” view.