Document wide text search and replace

I found a thread about search/replace in the context of tags but I really miss text S&R.
I need to replace a technical term throughout a project spec and while I’m aware that I can S&R exported OPML in a text editor and reimport it that’s not the smoothest UX.

BTW I’ve been looking for a (good) single-pane outliner since I switched to Linux a decade ago, and then I find you guys offering a multiplatform SPO with Markdown support in the cloud. You made my decade!

PS please don’t listen to people asking for WYSIWYG editing!


Love your enthusiasm :slight_smile:

My current workaround is to just copy the text, paste it into UltraEdit (use any text editor that has search & replace), run the replace, paste it back.

Works great and fast for plain text.

But yes…a real search and replace would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

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Adding my vote for a Search and Replace feature.