Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist


Here it is.



Can you please navigate to an item that has a ‘today’ date and make sure it is shown with the date icon in quick dynalist? Maybe the date is not correctly recognized. Or maybe you haven’t synced such that the respective item is not yet in Quick Dynalist.


Hi Louis! I’m loving QD so far. The home screen widget is a big deal – it’s allowed me to move my todos out of Google Keep!

FYI, I’ve noticed an issue where it looks like repeating dates aren’t being rendered correctly:


Well, in the dynalist app, my dates look the way they should. In QD, they look like the plain text in @Craig_Oliver’s post above. There is no problem with the text string as it renders properly on all platforms apart from QD.


@Craig_Oliver Indeed, recurrent dates were introduced later and I haven’t implemented the feature in QD yet. It’s on my list, will deal with it!

@Ved_Uttamchandani Then you are probably using a different format for the dates than the app assumes. Could you please paste such a plain text that is not recognized by QD? Or is it also a recurrent date that is not parsed properly?

Thanks to both of you.


!(2019-06-21 18:30 +00:00)


I see. I was not taking the timezone into account. I will also update the app to support that.


Also, what am I missing? I can’t find a way to open straight into the outliner instead of opening the pop-up first.


Oddly enough, I am not actively setting the timezone.


You can create a shortcut to any location straight into the outliner by selecting ‘Create shortcut’ in the top right corner. Then select ‘Quick list’. The shortcut can be placed anywhere on your homescreen.


This is just incredible. It is an entirely and in my opinion in many ways much better product than the original, the main reason I use dynalist and actually one of the reasons I am sticking to Android. Where can I modestly contribute financially to this considerable effort, it has massive value for me in terms of time spent.


Oups, the photo is my wife’s, for whatever reason…


Thanks for your kind words Alain.
First and foremost, please spread the love and tell your friends, family and colleagues about it! The more people use it, the better spent was my time developing it.
If you would like to make a small donation towards the project please use this PayPal link:

Also, the project is open source and contributions are very welcome:


Thanks for everything Louis. Will do. I constantly discover new powerful features in Quick Dynalist. Truly amazing work.


Is it possible to create filter (and widget) with the same output as “is:checklist” gives in native Dynalist?


I believe not. May I ask you to describe your use case to find the best way to implement it?


Sure, this is the layout I’m currently exploring https://dynalist.io/d/zly7MXVsTMDmfVdxZqRCbfZk “is:checklist” with some additional filters (there’s button underneath title) creates a nice, clean overview to work with, but even basic “is:checklist” is ok :slight_smile:
(I have “Show checkbox in front of checklist parent” enabled in Dynalist)