Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist


Ohhhh yea, same here - that’s super weird …


It’s because the search activity is also used to create links or find move to locations. So if you just open it, it returns the item to the calling activity.


I see. And that’s different to the search shortcut, then.


Version 2.6.1 Introducing latex support.


@Louis_Kirsch. I’m particularly enjoying the widgets. I current have four on my phone for different areas I want to keep an eye on.

One feature I haven’t found yet is ability to edit notes. Currently, to view a note it seems you need to tap the item then go to the menu to “Show item details”. You can only copy the note. I’m not sure either if there’s a way to add a note. Let me know if I’m missing something.


I’m glad you like the widgets!

Go into edit mode for an item and then click on the button in the very bottom left corner.

If you have an idea on how to streamline this or make it more obvious let me know.


When you select an item, would it be possible to show the entire note? As there is only one item on the screen, there is usually plenty of space. After that, tapping on the note could then open up the editor.


Do you mean when you are within an item and the toolbar shows its contents show also its note below? I was considering implementing something like that a while ago. I’ll consider looking into it again.


Yes. At the moment, we only get the first line of the note. It seems a wasted opportunity.