Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist

Hey everyone,

I created an Android app with the new Dynalist API to add new items straight to your inbox. It’s native and blazingly fast! No more waiting for the Dynalist app to load.

UPDATE A lot has happened since the first release, in the meanwhile Quick Dynalist is a fully featured Dynalist android app replacement!

Let me know what you think & leave a rating in the play store if you like it for more visibility!


Thanks! It’s a very good idea!

What about having two buttons “Save&Add New” and “Save&Close”?

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Wouldn’t this be a security issue? You’d essentially have our API which means access to all our data?

No it’s not a security issue. It’s not me having access to your data. Only your phone. The API key is only stored on your phone. It’s similar to any other app you ‘authorized’ to access other accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

That said, the current API seems
a) not allow to generate app-specific API keys that restrict the what data is accessible to the app
b) not to have expiry dates on the keys
c) not to have a nice login process

Thanks. It’s nice to have. I’ve linked it to a gesture on my screen to I can add to the inbox super quick. I do think it would be good to change the icon, as it can be confused with the Dynalist app.

I still use DynaWrite for saving links to the Inbox. They’ve just started updating their app to use the API.

I’ve tried to make an email trigger on IFTTT, which works find for subject, but note doesn’t work.

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I changed the icon & added the possibility to add multiple items in sequence.

I still use DynaWrite for saving links to the Inbox

Essentially having a ‘Dynalist’ in the share menu that adds the link without any further interaction?

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It looks good. Creative logo icon too!

As long as it’s clear it’s a third party app, we’re good :hugs:

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The logo is great. I actually preferred it before when it added just one then disappeared. Could you have two buttons? Done & Another?

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I will add a second button!

In general, I think it’s great if we make this project open source.
Contributions are very welcome.


New features are here! Select text anywhere and directly add it to your inbox. You can also share text, URLs, and many more things directly to your inbox without going through the main Dynalist app.

Thanks to Julius Kunze for his open source contributions.

Note that these features are only available for Android Marshmallow 6.0 and later.


This is ideal, thank you!

Thanks for developing this further. Does it work offline yet? It’s important to know in case information gets lost.

Hi Kevin, thanks for bringing this up again. I’ll try and implement this over Christmas.


I’ve been using this for months. It’s great.

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Just started to use dynalist. This looks a good app for the phone. Hope the offline use is able to be implemented soon as this would be really useful!


@Malcolm and @Kevin_Murray Offline mode is here!
Update to version 1.3 in the Play Store.


Just tried it out and it works great online and off! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! This is the quickest and easiest ways to get items into dynalist on Android


Yes. Worked offline for me too. Thanks.


That’s awesome, thank you!
I am literally using the app every single day.

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I released another version! Items that are frequently used (i.e. have many child nodes) are now listed as alternative targets to your Inbox. Just use the spinner to select the alternative location.

Originally, I intended to list bookmarks there, but the current API does not expose bookmarks. If you think that would be a great feature, please leave a comment in this thread to extend the API.