Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist


I renamed it to duplicate.

I’m not entirely convinced that cloning is an important feature though. Why not just use the link feature or a filter?


Because we don’t have your filters on web, so to have things in two ‘places’ we have to rely on the fairly clunky native search mechanics


@Louis_Kirsch, if you’d like to understand better why users like me want “cloning”, please see this (long) discussion here: Clone (display item in multiple places)

One short answer is: I want to be able to work with one item in multiple lists, where changes made in one list affect the item in the other list, e.g. renaming or marking complete. Neither links nor filters meet this need.


I am happy to report that Quick Dynalist has continued to work (both on the inbox previously configured in dynalist settings, and on the tagged inboxes) even after my trial period pro features have expired.


Works great for adding to my default inbox, but I get a sync error no matter what I try. I’ve re-installed, joined the beta program, changed my login from Google to email/password, recreated the access token, enabled mobile data sync… just don’t get it because I don’t see anyone else reporting this problem :frowning:


Sorry to hear that!

Can you please after getting the sync error press report bug at the bottom of the menu and send the report by email?


OK, done thanks!


I’ve just tested the latest beta, the sync works for me on Android 8 for both default and tagged inboxes. Thanks @Louis_Kirsch!

Feature request: a floating button that sits at the edge of the screen at all times and summons the add-item window of Quick Dynalist. OneNote has something like that called “badge”. I’ve just tried to force-feed Quick Dynalist into Floating Apps to achieve that functionality, but they didn’t cope.

Use case: capturing multiple notes while one reads a long document, without having to switch to anything. That would be a one-click-add as opposed to reaching for notification tray first, as @Kevin_Murray suggested above. In particular, I’m reading on an Onyx Boox ereader, and the laggy eink screen begs to minimize any pulldowns.


That’s a cool idea Anna. I will look into it.


I guess for this you’d want the latest send location to be remembered, rather than all your notes just going into your default inbox?


It’s probably a good idea to keep the choice of locations from the quick-add window, like it is now, because some people might be capturing reading notes by topics rather than by book titles. However, for the latter category like me it’s going to save clicks to be able to quickly setup the dafault save location in this mode.

It could be another unique tag for just this mode, but then we’d basically have a default-default mode :slight_smile: . How about simply the option to default to the last used inbox? That would do the job: you set up your reading inbox with the # quick-dynalist, you choose it once from the badge, and once you do that it’s the default for as long as you keep reading this book.


I do find those buttons for One Note or Messenger often annoying. They always seem to be just where I am wanting access. One pull down for access anywhere is good enough for me.


Same here actually - I use the shortcut notifications app which is now full of all my different QD inboxes


Oh, I totally agree that if you just take occasional notes throughout the day, you may not want it on the screen all the time. It should be something to turn on/off, like in OneNote. It has a specific use case: capturing multiple sidenotes while reading long documents or watching lecture/talk videos.