Powerpack 2


One thing I am enjoying about the PowerPack2 by @Piotr is the easy of editing filtered items. The capacity to produce a flat list for editing is still one advantage that Workflowy has over Dynalist. But with the new Agenda, you can filter items into a sortable list, and then edit them either from within the list (changing colour, checking, archiving or deleting), or within the item by click on them (this works fine now).

Brilliant! :cherries:


One more minor issue, @Piotr :wink: When Item Styling is selected, it seems to cancel out the bold markup. Italics still works but not Bold.

To me more specific, this only happens when there is a parent item with a tag such as #s|bl:blue.


@Piotr: One feature idea:

Make the settings exportable/importable: The current settings are displayed as JSON in a textarea. This can be copied and pasted (e.g. on another computer) in the textarea and Powerpack use this. So that the (same) settings can be easily used on multiple computers.


@Kevin_Murray & @Christian1

you can test 2.3.0


Thanks. Even better, @Piotr.


Thanks @Piotr. You are great. :slight_smile:




Hi @Piotr One issue I am having with Powerpack (2.3.0) is that I am no long able to drag/drop my bookmarks to reorder them. After dragging to reorder a bookmark, the tree view collapses and when I reopen it, the list reverts back to the same order. I tried disabling Agenda & Omni Panel, but no luck. Anyone else having a similar issue?


“Attach bookmarks as filters to corresponding documents” is the only feature that manipulate bookmarks and you can’t reorder them when it’s enabled.

Font Colour

Ok, thanks. I’ll review my set up again and see if I can determine if this is the issue.


PP is working in Firefox on Android (can you install Firefox on iOS?) when wrapped as firefox extension. Sorting, agenda, highlighting etc is looking good, but it will be too hard for regular users to install it, Mozilla needs to accept it first as official extension.


Btw, all this firefox extension does is running this code, there is no need for any other extension for it to work, maybe @Erica would agree to hide deeply in Dynalist settings option “Load Powerpack (experimental, not officialy supported)” which when checked will load this greasyfork script on page load? This way we can have it on every device and browser. And maybe it can be cached so it will be available offline too?

let s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = 'https://greasyfork.org/scripts/31392-dynalist-powerpack-2/code/Dynalist%20Powerpack%202.user.js'; document.body.appendChild(s);

edit: On mobile Firefox Nightly it’s also possible to inject css into websites with this extension https://addons.mozilla.org/pl/firefox/addon/styl-us/
maybe on stable Firefox version too, but at least for me stylus settings are not visible there


@Piotr thanks for the proposal.

@Shida what do you think of this? (Referring to the reply above)


I propose we add a textbox that users can insert a link to any js plugin. This way the system is generic and can be user-tweaked for anything they need, including powerpack.


That would be awesome :slight_smile:


Piotr is there a way to override color-tag’s text-color using powerpack?

E.g. using #s|b:#333|c:white

I was hoping to get all white-colored font here


It’s already styled to be white, but jQuery can’t use !important in .css() and PP style is overwritten by DL theme in this situation.

try this in stylish, maybe it will work
.Node-contentContainer.has-color { color: inherit; }


didn’t work unfortunately, the default color is black text on colored tags for me

so there’s no way to apply higher CSS specificity using powerpack?

On my CSS file I didn’t use any color property on any color-tags


not in case of styling specific items with custom styles


well now that I think about it your powerpack is applying a style attribute on a node, I could just use a ancestor selector on those individual color tags

/*Make PowerPacks black background work on unique color tags*/
.Node[style] .Node-contentContainer.has-color.mod-color-label-1,
.Node[style] .Node-contentContainer.has-color.mod-color-label-2{
	color: white !important;

it worked out fine :slight_smile:

EDIT: oh wait I messed up all my other color tags now I gotta fix this

this is more specific

/*Make PowerPacks black background work on unique color tags*/
.Node[style^="background: rgb(51, 51, 51)"] .Node-contentContainer.has-color.mod-color-label-1,
.Node[style^="background: rgb(51, 51, 51)"] .Node-contentContainer.has-color.mod-color-label-2{
	color: white !important;

works fine now

by the way, do you know how to fix this in powerpack?

When I use #s|b:#333|c:white and add in more nodes it uses black text still

when i reload page it looks correct afterwards