Please make Preferences changes platform independent

Steps to reproduce

Some may not consider this a “bug”, but I do. I use Dynalist on the Windows platform and Android.

On Android, I like to use the Dark theme, because it is easier on battery life. It also looks better. Also, on Android, the panel has a much better resolution than on my laptop, so a smaller font works fine.

On Windows, the Dark theme is much harder to read than on Android. Also, I need a different font size.

Changing the theme and font size in Dynalist Preferences on one platform changes it on the other. Rarely is this desirable for users, as platforms and their corresponding devices are vastly different from each other.

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?
Changing theme & font size in Preferences one platform shoud NOT change DL preferences on the other

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?
Changing on one platform DOES change it on the another. Definitely not good.


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?
Android 7.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. UHD panel. State of the art.
Windows 10 on an i5 ASUS 1080p screen
Chrome browser, latest version.
Also the Windows Dynalist app.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Please correct this soon. It is disruptive. Thanks!


Hi Mark,

I’ve talk to Erica about the sync preferences here in my post:

I also think bullets and notes should have separated sizes preferences.

I don’t understand what bearing your post has on my comment. My comment strictly deals with application-wide preferences and not with specific formatting within notes. The simple issue is that when display related application-wide preferences are changed on one platform they are changed on other platforms. And I’m sure you are aware that the look and feel of an application on different platforms can be significantly different. My comments are only dealing with the theme and also the overall font size with in your applications preferences as it relates to different platforms. I hope these comments here have helped to clear up the confusion. Thank you

I think he’s only referring to the comment he linked to, not the main topic.

Exactly. I’ve forward what you answered to me about this topic.

If I may, the Appearance and Font Options settings in Preferences are at the very least what should be considered “local”. The needs required for every kind of a device are different. I like to use a Dark theme on an LED screen device, because of the better contrast values, so it looks great on my Samsung Galaxy S8+s, very readable. However on my LCD devices, the contrast is less and it can be harder to read for those (such as me) who have difficulty seeing small things on the screen. For those devices, I prefer the Default theme. No two devices are the same, the display needs are vastly different. Again, at the very least, localize the Appearance and Font Options settings in Preferences. Your users would have a much better experience.

Of course, you may want users who want to have universal settings (like you have now). Perhaps a checkbox in Settings to give users that choice? Do it by preference sections: so, for instance, under “Font options” you could have a checkbox that says “Use these settings on all devices”

Here’s a feature request for the same thing (I think): Device/app specific font sizes