Device/app specific font sizes

Could you support different font sizes when using Dynalist on different devices PC/iPad/iPhone.


Yeah I can’t believe more people aren’t asking for this. Are most folks not really using Dynalist on both laptop and mobile? Because I really find it hard to use on the mobile (medium-sized iphone) unless fonts are the largest possible (I’d take larger, even) whereas I like things reasonably dense on my laptop.

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Has there been any movement on this feature? I use Dynalist on my iMac, MacBook (both through the desktop app and a browser), and my iPhone. I’m constantly having to alter the size of the text and while it’s not a huge deal it is particularly frustrating to have to alter every time I open on my phone.

As always, however, thank you for all the hard work you do, Dynalist!!! It’s getting close to the point where I’m going to switch to Pro.


This is indeed essential. Or at least, let us change the font size using a +/- sign in the main screen (like Workflowy does) without having to go to the main options page every time we use a different app.

Yes, while the ability to change the font size is greatly appreciated, the locking of the font/size/type to a ‘global’ setting is counterintuitive to multi-platform usage. View settings (in general) should be specific to their OS/platform (iOS, Android, OSx, Windows, etc) as those fonts and other settings differ based upon screen DPI, resolution and other factors. Line spacing and other view-related items should also fall into a ‘non-global’ settings category as to be specific to the OS/Platforms. Also mentioned was larger and smaller fonts availability as to better be used by high/lower DPI settings on those various OSes and platforms. Thanks!

View settings should be specific to the Device, not OS, not platform. If I have a computer with a hi res screen and one with a low res screen, I may want a different font size.

Yes, what is too big on one platform is too small on another.

Adjusting the actual font size according to the screen DPI is something that the OS handles.
Have you checked your OS setting?

YES Please!

Yes I am aware of OS font-scaling, although there are many problems with this functionality. It is not per-app, and not every app handles font scaling well. To rephrase, font setting should be like a cookie. If I pick a font size, that should store the info on this machine.

This is crazy. YEARS and still no movement on this?
Annoying as ** to switch to my iPhone and I can’t tap a checkbox let alone read my lists sans glasses. It should be no brainer to have device specific font/size setting’s…