Other Useful Programs to use with Dynalist (AirTable, FollowUpThen, PhraseExpress, Timesnapper, etc)


I agree. The use of listers is handy in loading clusters of folders.


I can’t believe I’ve never used this program until now directoryopus is super awesome

Plus you can even extend and add your own visualbasic/javascript code or download things to make it even more powerful

Its one of those programs like dynalist / phraseexpress where you appreciate all of its features overtime:)

Also they got a really good discourse forum too and there youtube videos sum up every feature really nicely as well

I mean just look at all the features in version 12 :slight_smile:


You can get that option in the context menu with Shift + Right Click on a folder in Windows.


I use this site a lot as well. However, my favourite site for freeware recommendations has been http://www.techsupportalert.com for many years. Great community, trusted and informed opinions.


I took a look at this though, but the website feels sluggish and outdated though

Also, this is where I source out software now in general. It changes all the time based on where all the good content is at

Software in general

  1. news.ycombinator.com, to read about new startups → I have a .xml front page feed pushed to my inoreader app
  2. Google search "Dynalist VS _______ " (let google fill in the blanks)
  3. Google search “Notetaking software name _______” → search most recent items. Add “reddit” and “quora” and “youtube” where ____ is
  4. Producthunt.com, but very very rarely (too much spam software)
  5. https://alternativeto.net/platform/windows/ and alternativeto.net high profile users (https://alternativeto.net/user/ugotsta/ and https://alternativeto.net/user/shojimeguro/)
  6. Slant.com → sort by productivity https://www.slant.co/tags/productivity → so I can find what powerusers agree on best software is
  7. Questions about a software but don’t know name → 1. ask people on this forum, 2. https://www.reddit.com/r/software/
  8. Double or triple posting questions varying stackexchange sites with different wording (1. https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/ for software specific, 2. https://superuser.com/, 3. https://stackoverflow.com/3 )
  9. Lynda.com → browse tutorials for well establised software. I keep a running list of 100 courses I previewed / skimmed at random to get big picture of what software/programming language capabilities are
  10. Reddit r/threadkillers → search “software”
  11. https://portableapps.com/ and https://ninite.com/ → curated often used software with easy click install

Custom scripting / macro’ing

  • Excel VBA → if its all command prompt + excel related
  • Python → if it can’t be purely done in excel VBA / math / not convenient and needs more libraries / more complex
  • Autohotkey (phraseexpress) → if the task is highly repetitive in nature, and highly predictable, with some GUI applications
  • Javascript → everything else - chrome API, extensions, tamperscripting

Specific software

  • Google chrome extension → search store “productivity”
  • Android app extension → Search store “productivity”

After I do all of this I dump it in the following

  1. Alternativeto.net “Save / favorite” item so I have a running list to track down software
  2. Add to google bookmarks if its not on alternativeto.net (webbased applications) or add it on alternativeto.net if I have time.
  3. Search official youtube channel tutorials → add to inoreader so I can skimp on every video that content creator made in a couple of minutes, to see big picture quick. And get latest updates.
  4. Search official website / forums to gauge how active community and therefore development → put this URL somewhere in dynalist on the project I’m working on
  5. If its specific code → save on dynalsit + code syntax, github, or gistboxapp
  6. Interesting open source / custom made software → github→ star it → look at it later maybe.

Youtube specific

  • I organize all my favorite youtubers based on 1. Content frequency then by 2. Category, some are in hardware, DIY, software, etc

Other - hardware

  • Some hardware solutions are better than software, so I have a running list of 3000+ items here that I slowly add over time, when it gets mentioned on reddit, this forum , elsewhere.
  • Reverse image search → pinterest if I can’t find out what somethings called, or reverse image searches in general (tinyeye, or googleimage + shareX screenshot search)

Process of finding good software

That’s very interesting Vincent. Thanks for the detailed response.

As an old head, my priorities these days for new software, besides functionality, are longevity, active development, and offline options. I’ve had my fingers burnt by too many SAAS products which have evaporated. As a result, I have my arsenal of software in which I’ve invested a lot of time and development over a number of years and it’s served me well. So, for discovering new options, I put a lot of emphasis on trusted curation as well. I’ve been too easily seduced by the bright shiny objects of the software world in the past and these days I’ve less interest in, and time for, experimentation. Like I said, I’m old :grin:


I don’t blame you here this is why I have a system of backups as well, and let others do the hard work researching / curating for me :stuck_out_tongue: .

The most time consuming thing is finding / documenting which curators have more “weight” than others. E.G. which curators really know what they’re talking about?

Also I always test out every software I use and do a basic selection matrix criteria.

I almost always choose older, more established software, many times unless the features / pros of newer software outweighs this


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only when there’s already prior knowledge of the terms tho

also no ratings for the software so quality is unknown

yes techsupport site is bad

Quick way to implement collaboration features: Integrated with a good collaboration software

Check out http://www.notion.so if you want to make a dashboard that can partially replace trello and airtable


I installed a chrome extension called Timewarp which, when I type reddit into my browser, it redirects their domain to dynalist.io. It’s like pavlovs dog training. If I am bored and seeking distraction, at least it will be productive distraction from my dynalist.