Open in new tab, sorting, embedding, separators and other "improvements"


Update in duplication feature

before: even when multiple items were selected, only the first one was duplicated
now: it’s possible to duplicate multiple items, both with and without children


Piotr awesome stuff as ever :smiley:

By the way, is this feature possible? I would use it all the time

  1. CTRL+SHIFT+M (or some shortcut) → move an item
  2. Pick a location
  3. Automatically grab the link of the item I just moved
  4. Automatically Paste the link where the item was just moved from

If this could be implemented this would be a huge game changer for me :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems the duplicate feature + grab node link handles the functions it needs, but one seperate feature for this would be nice




Thanks to your script, I’m consolidating more documents and using bookmarks. But I’ve hit an issue about the order of the bookmarks. It seems not possible to order them manually and they don’t seem to be ordered alphabetically. Are they ordered according to when they were added? If so, it is possible to have them ordered alphabetically, or according to their position in the document?
Much appreciated.


You are talking about option “Attach bookmarks as filters to corresponding documents”, right? With this option deactivated you should be able to change order manually in bookmark pane.
It was sorted from bottom to top, because the first one from bookmark pane was added first, the second one was added before that, and so forth. Bookmarks has no date of creation or any other meaningful data, so it can be order only alphabetically or by the order in bookmark pane. It’s good idea to change this to be in alphabetical order, you can reinstall script, it should be working that way now


I’ve updated the script, but it hasn’t changed the order. I deactivated “Attach bookmarks as filters to corresponding documents” and altered the order, but this seemed to appear in reverse order when the option was re-activated.


I changed the version to 0.11, please update it again, maybe it wasn’t correctly updated when the version wasn’t changed. I checked it in different browsers and attached bookmarks are always sorted a-z. I have no idea why this would not work for you :scream:


Yeah, that works now. :golf:


I’m focusing now only on counters, that’s gonna be gigantic. Mathematical calculations, referencing items and values within them even from different documents, variables and all that crazy excel-ish stuff. Basic things are working already, all looks promising in code, I just need to design syntax and UI for that :v: which will probably takes more than a month :joy:


Yes!! :slight_smile: If you need a beta tester :wave:


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@Piotr @Erica I would love this would be implemented natively ! its an awesome work ! what do you guys think


I think the current situation is great, people who want these additional features can download the PowerPack, while others can use Dynalist as-is. These improvements surely are helpful to some, but they also add complexity to those who don’t need it.

What do you think, @Piotr?


although the “kanban” hack its a very good one
and the option for sorting things has been very requested


I second to that. Sorting has been incredibly helpful (as well as the combined view for tags, documents and bookmarks).


these colors didnt need to know any html hex codes, just #font + lavender / fuchsia, etc very useful


I’m ok with that, I want to use DL for years, and I will maintain this script as long as it will be technically possible to use it. There is one drawback - it’s not working in desktop apps (so no secure offline work for fans of sorting etc). Maybe you can create in the future some native plugin mechanism (+ repository of plugins created and maintained by community, like IDEA and other IDEs are doing) inside the app?


That’s what @Shida envisioned as well, but as you probably understand, it requires us to rewrite all of our code to make everything extensible. Probably rewriting some of our own functionality as plugins as well, kinda like Flarum’s design.

Also, I don’ think it’s possible to just copy paste your code into our codebase and call it a day (given you’ve given us permission), since we should use more native ways to integrate the functionality. As I understand the PowerPack, there are limitations you have to work around since you only have access to the global DYNALIST object. In any case, both the UI and the actual code needs to be rewritten before merging the code.

@Leonardo_Muzkiz_Ramo @Rodion_Y

Re: sorting, we’re thinking of making it a menu option with shortcut, rather than using tags.

Re: Kanban style, we actually have a different idea about how to implement it. What you did is more like what we call the “split screen” feature, which allow you to work on different documents at once. iframe is probably the easiest way, but it’s heavy on RAM usage and such. The Kanban view we imagined displays children of the current list as panes, and the children’s children as cards in a pane, like Trello. In the Kanban view, you can zoom in as well to reveal the children of the grandchildren of the current list… not sure if that makes sense, but it still displays a single document/list.

@Piotr: congrats on making the most popular topic in the entire forum, by the way! :smiley:


wow I like that you and shida had already in mind how to implement these features (and even in a more optimised way ) :clap: :clap:
a real KanBan (trello like) sounds awesome


you can use whatever you want, ideas, code, ui elements, don’t need to ask me if you want something from my work in the future

I agree, what I’m doing is basically hacking/playing :slight_smile: and experimenting constantly while I’m learning JS, so it’s a mess right now.

There are, but after this month of playing with it I can do in code everything what I can do in UI, that’s cool enough :slight_smile:

It makes perfect sense, I was hoping for that, I was using Notion before DL and the functionality of multiple horizontal blocks was great. With DL capabilities it will be even better!
Split screen + workspaces is also very useful feature, is doing this very well, I hope you will borrow this idea : )

and it’s only a warm up…