Open in new tab, sorting, embedding, separators and other "improvements"


Piotr I noticed with #[sort|by:edited|order:desc]] to sort by most recently edited items, it only works on the child bulletpoints, not children of children bulletpoints

I think this sort should look at the latest item edited in that area. Example:

B should sit at the top when I typed in asdfasdfasdf on B’s child bulletpoint after pressing the sort button

C when I added zzz sorts as intended

I’ll modify your script later probably to reflect the new change, albeit it might require adding lots of new code though


I disagree, it’s clear now that all possible sorts are applied to first level children. When you modify that behaviour for your one specific use case this whole thing will become inconsistent. You can think about new way to implement sorting by children of children of children of … and build/extend syntax and UI for specifying which level items must be considered as candidates to compare. It would be very useful to have this in this script, but I have no time to do this myself, I can merge your code if you wish and if you can build that.


New version & new feature: Show first/last X children for marked item

installation / update:

guides and examples:

before activation:


it’s done, syntax for that: #[sort|by:checked]


Piotr, this looks awesome :slight_smile:

Could we have a way to customize how dark the text/box is? My initial impression is its too hard to see though, albeit I might be wrong

Perhaps a setting where you can choose what color you want the box + text to be?

EDIT By the way, the way it rehides the item is kind of weird.

You have to click on the main list it was on, then click off of it. Example

Also, suggestion for UI:


Vincent, I’m afraid that you will need to create new Dynalist just for yourself - your ideas for changing things are never ending :slight_smile: This time I’m prepared - you can change colors in stylish :stuck_out_tongue:
.Node .showXItems-wrapper { border: 1px solid #000; color: #000; } .Node .showXItems-wrapper:hover { border: 1px solid #000; color: #000; }

As for other suggestions - it’s impossible with my implementation, and I don’t know if this is even possible at all with the way in which DL treats items in DOM, but anyway, I unfortunately don’t have time to reimplement things which are already working in the way I need.


I am both impressed and frightened at the specificity of your workflows, Vincent :slight_smile:


Hi Piotr: I received your response regarding the basics of installing the Powerpack over at the So I am transferring my communications over here so that you’ll get the messages quick. For the record, you had responded as follows:

Hi, sorry, I didn’t get any notification about your question.
Scripts like this one are working only in browsers. You need first install extension for your browser, one from the list on homepage
After that you need to click green install button here
If script is installed you need to click icon in top left corner in your Dynalist document (please see Youtube video from to see what I’m talking about)

Themes from userstyles should not interfere with that, I’m using my own theme and everything is fine.

I will follow your instructions. thanks!


Hi! Have you tried to install it? It worked?


btw piotr, this is the sort function I’m starting to use the most often (Also, because it is useful in most applications in dynalist)


change this to desc as needed


I organize problems by when I first get them, so this makes sense for me. But sometimes I’m adding notes near top of list, or sometimes at bottom. Normally I’m looking at two-three different docs on my 24" vertical monitor, so sometimes these notes will be at the bottom of screen, other times at top (Varies depending how long / complex each child bulletpoint topic is)

but since I can just sort everything afterward this lets me take notes either way (from top of list or at bottom)

The sort never changes like #[sort:by:edited] so there’s a lot of consistency to sorting by created date

example of what i mean by notes:


✪ project/course lists
✪✪ course 1 / project 1
✪✪ reference manual that’s like 10 pages long
✪✪ course 2 / project 2

This way I can take notes for either project / course and add items to reference manual simply by scrolling up or down, adding items to the manual from top or bottom, sort by created later


New version & new feature: Omni Panel :v:

installation / update:

guides and examples:

  • You can mix 2 or all 3 panes in one panel
  • You can change size of each pane by drag&drop on pane header (cursor will change when you mouse over pane header, you can then click and drag)
  • You can change order of panes
  • You can set shortcut to open/close panel
  • You can attach bookmarks as filters to their correspoding documents

I suggest to see full description:

Examples: (click on image to open it with full height)



Tags+Files after resize

Bookmarks+Files+Tags after resize

Filters/Bookmarks attached to their documents

have fun

Have tag pane and file pane displayed at the same time



New version & new feature: Add / Remove bookmark for currently active/selected/edited item with shortcut

installation / update:

guides and examples:

Press shortcut (set it first in PowerPack settings :wink: ) while your cursor is on item (or when item/tree is selected) and

  • if this item wasn’t bookmarked, the bookmark will be created and titled automatically (you will only see notification popup on top-right, bookmark pane will not be opened if it is not already open)
  • if this item was already bookmarked, the bookmark will be deleted without any confirmation box, you will see notification popup in top-right corner


This is wonderful and really helpful for me, thank you for all your hard work Piotr!!

I hate to reply to every new version with another request, but do you think there could be a similar shortcut to grab the link of the currently editing item (without pop up) at some point too (no rush, take a rest!!)? :slight_smile:


That’s actually super easy if I understand correctly what you want, you can update to new version


Yes, yes, yes!!

These two shortcuts provide so much macro potential - Vincent will be happy too! :slight_smile:


thanks piotr this is a game changer :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, not yet. I use the dark theme. At some point in the discussion, I’m sort of remembering that it doesn’t work out very well for dark themes? If so, I might change to light theme.


It doesn’t matter what theme you’re using, I’m testing it in all themes, and I’m using custom dark theme myself

What browser are you using? Have you installed Tampermonkey extension in your browser? Have you installed this script with Tampermonkey? I don’t know on which step you are :slight_smile:


Say hello to our 10th feature! Duplicate item with/without children with shortcut

installation / update:

guides and examples:

You don’t need to select (ctrl+a, shift+up/down, etc.) item, cursor somewhere in content is enough to duplicate it.


:trophy: :trophy: