Open in new tab, sorting, embedding, separators and other "improvements"


Excellent, I can now Embed my Google Calendar including Dynalist calendar syncs.

Thanks @Piotr


Nice :slight_smile:

It’s unnatural to think that separator is somehow merged with content. I want the ability to move it in space easily like any other item. With next version whole node (.Node-outer) with separator inside will have additional css class and you will be able to globally (with css in Stylish) remove bullets, change height or whatever else you want and still be able to move it freely.

I’m currently working with sorting, after that I want to implement counting words etc, after that I will merge other scripts with powerpack (highlighting, focus, bookmarks+files in one pane) and then we will see :slight_smile:


New version with new feature: Sorting

installation / update as always:

  • mark all children items or only fragment (with tags, you can see syntax in example below and in popup with settings)
  • multiple places to sort in one document - sort all at once with shortcut or click on rendered button to sort in one place
  • manual or auto sorting
  • sort by multiple types of values (a-z, numbers, colors, dates) with asc/desc order
  • it take about 5 seconds to sort 1000 items with completely random strings like “09ankHFXlQ1jzQ3693Jr”

Some examples before activation: (click on image or open in new tab to see all image, it’s more than 3000px height)

After activation:

@Vincent_Tang you can now use css to remove bullets and/or change height of node with separator, this looks ok with default theme:
.separator { height: 20px; margin-top: -7px; margin-left: -25px; } .separator .Node-bullet { display: none; }

Gathering API v0.1 ideas

oh man this is so awesome!

also its permanent too :slight_smile:

I tried the new seperator thing with added CSS, this is neat as well

thanks @piotr as always!


I tested the CSS it makes it super buggy


I didn’t knew that you want to separate things on different levels and have children of separator itself :slight_smile: you should use sth like that with this case
.separator > .Node > .Node-self .Node-content { height: 10px; margin-left: 21px; margin-top: -5px; } .separator > .Node > .Node-self .Node-bullet { display: none; } .separator > .Node > .Node-children { margin-top: -10px; }

if it’s still buggy for you than you should use only display:none; for bullet and have default height, sorry


its fine I’ll probably figure it out later

I meant that I wanted to have the original node-content on that still be visible

Like the word “Qwerty” to appear on its own bulletpoint (still visible) with the line on top of it (with no bulletpoint)

It would have to be a rewrite of the tamperscript though, since its can’t be purely down with CSS

Don’t worry about it though I’ll figure it out later

other questions about autosort

By the way is it possible to have this feature in the sort?

I’d really love to sort things by “last-modified date” or “bulletpoint creation date” on the first level child nodes where the sort function is at

E.G (it doesn’t do sort by metadate currently)

The numbers here are referring to the exact order in which I created (and also) latest updated bulletpoint. Like Bulletpoint 1 was created first, then bulletpoint 2 was created next, etc

Ideally, this is what I wanted it to look like

this would be good because sometimes I add bulletpoints straight from the top of the list or sometimes at the bottom, depending on how big it was originally

It would be good for sorting out tasks - inbox by the order you created them, etc.

Sometimes I forget to use the “!” date function as well so this would be really neat

I highly doubt you can do this without the dynalist API since when i inspected the source I didn’t see anywhere to grab metadate

Adding onto this a way to automatically STAMP the top level child bulletpoints in a list using the “!” parameter. Based on either the bulletpoints “last modified date” or “creation date”. But its not possible without dynalist API though no easy way to grab metadate info.

Also, for people who do task management using CTRL+ENTER, having another way to STAMP when an item is checked off


sorry you could actually get this information already:

other ideas to add onto powerpack (Color theming)

  • Specify a tag on parent, give all child + their children nodes a different CSS feel, for default white theme like a really light green background, light pink, etc . LIKE: rgb(x,y,z) where x, y, z are all values from 240 to 255. Example color pallette:

This wouldn’t work for dark theme however, something like this might be better for dark theme: rgb(x,y,z) where x,y,z is values from 0 to 50

I think to keep it simple, use the color hex code so the user can specify whatever color they want as the tag. e.g. #000000 for black. But when its specified to be used, use ##000000 to specify black color. And maybe some premade colors like ##lightgreen for default white theme, or ##darkgreen for dark theme.

this way a user can just type in ## and see what color options they used already since its also a tag.

Example, so users can search for areas where they applied said color theme or use whatever colors they had before

Another big idea

Dynalist RES, similar to reddit RES

Specifically for previewing youtube embed links, images, resizing image/videos previewed, etc

more ideas

pretty much everything I named on here, in dynalist API suggestions

  • (anki tags)

  • (macro button in list [simialr to sorting A-Z thing you made] to auto collapse all items in that list or uncollapse all)

Tampermonkey script wishlist: ✪ 1. Autobookmarker ✪ 2. Autocloser ✪ 3. Autoopen

Yes, I thought you didn’t want to see bullet and also wanted it to take less space, but if you want those borders on top/down then you will need to do some serious rewrite.

I can actually, and it’s easy :slight_smile: Possibly tomorrow, today I may have no time.

I don’t know if I can mess with calendar, I tried before with something else and it failed, will see


it was quick, script is updated, you can try


It works as intended. “Sort by:created”

However I noticed something else. Dynalist records only by minutes at most, so if there are 2 bulletpoints created at the same time, the order doesn’t change (at least if you sort by ascending)

Which is why 5 is still above 4

Test for sort by edited date works fine too

By the way, all of these sort functions are only based on the top level childpoints in the list right? (no childs of childs are sorted)

also I thought of another good feature related to sorting: what if you wanted to have two different sorts? (so you can visualize data in different ways?) E.G.

Might be useful if you wanted to see what notes you wrote first VS what notes you are currently editing/working on


I’m taking timestamp directly from DYNALIST javascript object, so at least in theory it is down to a second. I tested it and it works fine for me, both ways ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe you are too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, children are not affected in any way

it’s as simple as changing few characters in tag, this script is right now hard to maintain and there’s still many things to do :slight_smile:


I’m getting a weird glitch where any sorting method I use (color, created, etc.) automatically defaults to sort by alpha or number in ascending order. Seems to be working fine for @Vincent_Tang so not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Using TamperMonkey on Chrome in Windows.


Are you using this syntax #[sort|by:color|order:desc]? Look at the “by:” and “order:” part, without those prefixes it doesn’t know what you want and defaults to alpha with ascending order.


Yes, if I copy and paste exactly what you listed above, I get this (showing notes so you can see what I input):

UPDATE: I figured this out. The syntax needs to be in the actual line item, I’ve been putting it in the note. Never mind. Apologies for the confusion.


Oh, I see :slight_smile: yeah, rendering under item can be confusing

this is my document for tests, if someone else have some troubles (you need to copy it to your DL first, button for that is on the top left corner)


Thanks for all this Piotr, really great work (the sorting is especially useful for me as this is one thing I sometimes used excel for instead of dynalist)! Do you think sort by tag would be feasible at some point? I.e. just bring all items with a specific tag to the top of the list? I never know how difficult requests like this are :smiley:


Playing around with this - so handy, thank you!! Do you think it would be possible also at some point to allow for multiple sort buttons on a single list e.g.

Thank you so much for this.


OK amazing use for the ‘Dynalist within Dynalist’ iframe is to have searches up all the time, e.g. on your home page in dynalist you can have searches up for everything due ‘today’, ‘this week’ ‘high priority’ etc … this is pretty incredible!!


yes, today or tomorrow :wink:

I need to refactor whole script, but I want to add some new features first, like counters (this will be huge if successful, and I want to integrate with this update also your idea from “Ability to assign numerical variables to bullet items” topic). With each feature I’m learning new things so I hope that things like two sort buttons will be easier to implement in the future.


Piotr you are the absolute best! I love the counter idea and I am glad you like the numerical variable idea, I think it could be extremely powerful - in combination with your sort feature I will never need to use spreadsheets again!

Don’t kill yourself to get any of this done quickly, you are working for free and we can wait! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sorting by tags


simple tag

multiple simple tag

pattern matching with *, you can put * in any place within tag, multiple times, so for example.
will match things like: #test, #test2, #2test, #2te2st2, #te-st, #teeeeest, etc

with pattern matching it will be not only sorted by moving items with matched tag at the beginning/end of list, but also will be sorted by those matched results (omg, english is hard, sorry), for example:
with items with tags: #week01, #week02, #week03 will always result in this order:

all of this can be mixed with previous functionality, so it’s possible to do crazy things like #[sort|by:color+tag(#test*)+date+tag(#m-*-whatever)|order:asc+desc+asc+desc]

copy that list to your DL if you want working examples

can one of you write a description for all of that sorting related things, so I can update description in settings (popup)? My english is bad for such complex things :slight_smile: