Notifications for the items with date

I’m not sure if I’m duplicating the request but I just was wondering if push notifications can be enabled for the items added with date and time.
Let me know if this feature already exists. I’m running iOS FYI.

EDIT by mod: now there are roadmap cards you can vote for! See Notifications for the items with date


This post is similar: Calender Notification

Thanks for responding.

Are there any efforts in progress for getting this to iOS?

Unfortunately, no. Our current plan doesn’t include pushing Dynalist towards the “reminder app” direction, and we’ll polish it as an outlining/note-taking/organizing app. We may add more integrations (e.g. iCal) in the future, but direct date notifications from Dynalist is not in our plans, sorry.

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It seems like if I can add a date/time to an entry a notification is a natural extension of that feature.


Not necessarily, since Dynalist is not a todo app, some people use dates for logging purposes which they don’t need to be reminded about.

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Actually I do use it as a to-do application. And I guarantee others do as well. Reminder functionality can’t hurt - people who use the app as an outliner can simply turn it off. But if I set dates on items, as mentioned by Ryan above, then the app should have the option to notify at the due time/date.


I agree it can’t hurt, but it doesn’t get very high priority because we never promoted Dynalist as a todo list and although some use it as so, many do not.

Thanks for understanding.

It might not be designed as a todo app, but it works exceptionally well as one.

… except for reminders.

Sure you’re not missing out on a decent market here?

Especially with google tasks canvas announcing its closing down recently, there’s a lot of people looking for a replacement todo app at the moment.


Right now I synchronize with Google Calendar (Pro feature) and use its push notification. So I can have a daily reminder at 5 am, and 30 minutes before the appointment.

Sorry but I have to disagree. I think that notifications are an essential feature for every outlining/note-taking/ToDo app.
I think we all have todo’s and dates where notification would be great!

I would heavily appreciate seeing this feature implemented soon!


I’m imagining a feature where 'due:2019-02-23-:clock1030:’ is used and configured to give notification in-app and/or by the OS.

The key thought here is it’s a particular way of tagging dates that makes it an active alarm. The actual text form of that flag doesn’t concern me.


I guess the pro feature of syncing with Google Calendar is the best alternative here. I’m surprised this isn’t a more requested feature tbh!

Hi Nick, you can Like the original post to make it more highly requested :slight_smile:


Thank you! Done :slightly_smiling_face:

I just have to strongly agree on this.
With Google Tasks eliminating canvas view and ability to go past level one indenting, there’s simply no other option for something to serve as a to-do app / outliner that also offers notifications or alarms.
This would be a great feature that would fill a big gap in the market.


Couldn’t agree more. The comments above that Dynalist was never “promoted as a to-do list” are jawdropping - it IS a to-do list, I use it every day, it works perfectly for this purpose, and whether or not it’s promoted as such, built in reminders would perfectly complement the fact that you can ALREADY assign a date and time to entries. If the latter isn’t a primary, basic to-do list feature, I don’t know what is.


There is ONE option, Omni, but it’s Mac-based.

Well, there is certainly more than ONE option. On Windows, MyLifeOrganized is excellent. I use both MLO and Dynalist. Dynalist can easily be used as a To-Do list manager, of course, but MLO is an Outliner set up to be a To-Do list manager from its inception.

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Well, if we’re talking about NON-free options, there are plenty to choose from including Todoist, etc. ¯_(ツ)_/¯