Notifications for the items with date

Isn’t OmniFocus paid for?

Personally, I don’t have a problem paying for good software that I use a lot - supports further development and allows the service to be maintained for all, paying or not.

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I’ve pretty much reached the end of my patience with Dynalist. Their inexplicable, continuing refusal to enable reminders/notifications, DESPITE the fact that every item in a list has a checkbox as well as the ability to have a due date/time marked against it, is what’s pushed me away. Switched yesterday to Taskade, which is free, has an outline view, subtasks, web/mobile/desktop apps, instant syncing, multiple useful templates, collaboration features and most importantly, push notifications and reminders. Sad and surprising, but it is what it is. I’d have paid for Dynalist if they had what I needed (as a one-off, NOT a subscription, mind you), but they don’t.


Tried out Taskade but it seems sorely lacking, althoug it seems to have some nice features.


  • Cant Zoom in on part of a list in a hirarchy
  • Cant forward tasks from email
  • No Tag pane or tag count
  • No way to automatically backup or export data. In fact I can’t find any way to backup at all.
  • No Zapier, IFTTT og Integromat integration


  • Good mindmap
  • Good kanban board
  • Notifications
  • Fast search
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Surely there’s enough likes now and conversation about this feature now to warrant putting it on Trello?


At 19 likes, certainly we can move it to Trello to gather votes!

I made two separate cards so we know which one to tackle first, please vote as necessary:


I was disappointed to discover that Dynalist doesn’t have built-in date notifications. For now I’m trying to use the Google Calendar integration as a workaround. If it works, I can live with that for now.

As a complete newcomer, my apologies if I missed something. “Recurring dates” is a good example of why some kind of notification mechanism is needed. Why have the ability to check off a recurring item, and have it immediately add itself back with the new date, if there’s no built-in way of bringing it to the user’s attention when that date arrives?

At the very least, there should be a special view within the app that lists all the items that are due or overdue, even if this doesn’t result in a push notification. It would be a kind of “pull” notification. I believe CheckVist does this, but I may be confusing it with ToDoist or some other app.


Hi Tad_Davis. I use a custom search for this. For example, searching for until:today will show all items that have a due date of today or older. until:1w will find all that plus tasks in the upcoming week. There are lots of ways to slice and dice this. I also like using the flat view and sorting by date – it shows me an ordered list of everything that’s coming up.

Edit: You can also turn these searches into bookmarks or links for one-click access.


What a useful tip! And it may be exactly what I need. I didn’t know this was an option. Note to self: read the docs. I do have other apps to handle routine reminders like “Take morning meds/take evening meds.”

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Buried treasure!


I use Tick Tick with Dynalist for two features:

  • Repeating tasks that can be customised to the nth weekday of the nth month
  • A calendar view that will enable me to assign undated tasks in a list so I can distribute them evenly over a week

It’s rapidly developing to now include Kanban and markdown. There’s no chance it would replace Dynalist, but it wouldn’t complain if Dynalist took on some of those features.


I suggested an API improvement that might help with this particular issue. Cross posting here to gather feedback.


While I never used to use Dynalist as a task management app, the latest updates have made it look like an attractive alternative to Todoist. The lack of notifications (especially on iOS) is the main thing holding me back from doing this…

UPDATE: I tried using calendar sync, but the problem is that it syncs everything to Google as events, not tasks. If something has a date-range it appears on every single day in my calendar! This won’t work for me.

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Well, I get notifications for Dynalist events on both iOS and Android – it’s just awkward to have to set them up in Google Calendar instead of directly in Dynalist. I wish there was a way to set them up directly in Dynalist, while that notifications setup would be synced to Google Calendar along with all the other event properties.

And, yes, I agree: until I discovered Dynalist, I couldn’t imagine my life without Toodledo (a Todoist competitor, but dying). Yet Dynalist is so good, despite not being intended as a task manager per se, that it could replace Toodledo for me if push comes to shove. I still use both simultaneously, but I find myself using Toodledo less and less.

(Particularly, Dynalist’s note-taking abilities are phenomenal, so I stopped entering notes on tasks in Toodledo altogether, instead putting a link there to the Dynalist task where notes can be elaborated properly.)

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Yes. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to upvote Mobile notifications for dates n the Dynalist Roadmap.



And Desktop Notification for Dates as well ;^)


Is there a way to make a link to a certain item with a certain search? I would be very interested in this!

If I understand you right, then the answer is yes! Every search in Dynalist has its own custom URL. So if you had a saved search for “cheese” the URL at the top of your browser would look like this:

See that “#q=cheese” at the end? That’s the custom query. Paste that URL into your Dynalist doc and it becomes a search you can execute with a click. I create document-specific searches like this all the time:

  • Using the web version of Dynalist, create a search as normal, optionally zoomed in to a particular node.
  • Copy the URL to your system clipboard.
  • Paste the URL into your document.
  • Optionally create custom text for it by making it a Markdown link, e.g.: [Cheese](...)

And you’re done! Click the link to zoom in and search.


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This is awesome - thank-you very much!

Reminder is a very useful feature. I ended up in Dynalist after trying many to do list app. I know Dynalist is more than a to do list app. I was looking for an app with unlimited nested multilevel subtask and with a web version. I found Dynalist satisfying all I want from such an app except a push notification for reminder. I read that you dont have an intention to add a reminder for Dynalist. But my strong reccommendation is to have REMINDER to make it perfect app as many are looking for that feature. Then we dont want an extra app to give us reminder when we have Dynalist doing it for us.

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Well, reminders work fine for me via Google Calendar.