Notifications for the items with date

Isn’t OmniFocus paid for?

Personally, I don’t have a problem paying for good software that I use a lot - supports further development and allows the service to be maintained for all, paying or not.

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I’ve pretty much reached the end of my patience with Dynalist. Their inexplicable, continuing refusal to enable reminders/notifications, DESPITE the fact that every item in a list has a checkbox as well as the ability to have a due date/time marked against it, is what’s pushed me away. Switched yesterday to Taskade, which is free, has an outline view, subtasks, web/mobile/desktop apps, instant syncing, multiple useful templates, collaboration features and most importantly, push notifications and reminders. Sad and surprising, but it is what it is. I’d have paid for Dynalist if they had what I needed (as a one-off, NOT a subscription, mind you), but they don’t.


Tried out Taskade but it seems sorely lacking, althoug it seems to have some nice features.


  • Cant Zoom in on part of a list in a hirarchy
  • Cant forward tasks from email
  • No Tag pane or tag count
  • No way to automatically backup or export data. In fact I can’t find any way to backup at all.
  • No Zapier, IFTTT og Integromat integration


  • Good mindmap
  • Good kanban board
  • Notifications
  • Fast search
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Surely there’s enough likes now and conversation about this feature now to warrant putting it on Trello?

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At 19 likes, certainly we can move it to Trello to gather votes!

I made two separate cards so we know which one to tackle first, please vote as necessary:

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