My custom CSS for Task Management like "Todoist"

Thank you, developers, for the date range feature!
I got motivated, so I have written a custom CSS like Todoist I used to like.
Note that if you use this, the image URL design will be changed.
d(>_< )


.Node-checkbox:before {

    border: 2px solid #636363;

    background: none;

    opacity: 0.4;

    border-radius: 30px;


.Node-checkbox:after {

    border: 3px solid #cacaca;

    border-radius: 60px;

    width: 16px;

    height: 16px;

    left: 0px;

    top: 0px;

    transform: none;

    -webkit-transform: none;

    background-color: #cacaca;


.is-mobile .Node-checkbox:after {

    left: 6px;

} .Node-content, .Node-renderedContent, .Node-note, .Node-renderedNote {

    color: black;

    opacity: 0.2;


.is-smallFont .Node-contentContainer .node-inline-item, .is-smallFont .Node-contentContainer .node-inline-code {

    font-size: 12px;

    background-color: rgba(173, 220, 255, 0.4);

    padding: 1px 5px 0px 3px;

    border: none;

    border-radius: 30px;

} .Node {

    background: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.16);

    border: none;

    padding: 1px 5px 0px 3px;


Looks nice!


Thanks for this, looks really great, particularly love your round checkboxes, have added it to my CSS :slight_smile:

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( ̄ー ̄)b

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Nice css! My dates doesent get blue or red. What do i do wrong?


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Hi Bullen, maybe you need to activate the setting?

Thank you @Craig_Oliver!