Using CSS to turn the checkbox into a high priority / focus indicator

Hi all,

Now that we can apply checkboxes on a single bullet basis, and based entirely on @H-Row’s CSS code here: My custom CSS for Task Management like "Todoist" - #7 by Craig_Oliver I realise that by changing the background colour of the checkbox, you can use it as a high priority / focus indicator, which is quite a nice little feature to have if like me you don’t really use checkboxes more generally:

.Node-checkbox:before {
border: 2px solid #636363;
background: gold;
opacity: 1;
border-radius: 30px;




Edit: to make it round, check out H-row’s full CSS in that link

Edit 2: Hmmm, the only problem is you can’t add checkboxes via any of our ‘quick add to inbox’ methods, either through dynalist or quick dynalist :confused:

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That’s really eye-catching!

Is there anything you’d like us to do about this? If not I can move it to Share & Showcase :slight_smile:

Ohhh woops I chose the wrong section, yes please Erica :slight_smile:

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No worries, thanks for the awesome post!

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