Multiple windows for the desktop app (Mac)

Thanks Chris,

Vivaldi looks interesting - I’ll have to check it out for curiosity’s sake if nothing else. I tend to use Dynalist’s dedicated app rather than working in-browser but who knows.

I also just took a look at a different piece of software - It’s got a well-implemented multi-pane capability with nice drag&drop. Anybody else reading this should check it out too, if for no other reason than we can all pester Dynalist about it :).

Hi Ron,

I checked out and found it to be more frustrating than anything else. I was initially very excited that their app integrated with Google Apps, making it possible to attach gmail messages to nodes in outlines, and attach nodes to calendar items. However, the app integration was a big letdown for me. The Google calendar sync broke multiple times daily, requiring manual re-pairing, and the last straw was when the Gmail sync broke. Once I re-enabled it, all of the emails that were attached to nodes were lost. Emails that had been archived in Gmail because I was keeping track of them in

The developer was responsive and polite, but ultimately not helpful. In the end, it was all sizzle and no steak, and now I’m using Dynalist in Vivaldi with 4 tabs next to each other in tiles so it’s sort of like combining Dyalist with a kanban board.

Ultimately, I guess it’s easy to make something half-baked, but something reliable and polished is harder to find!


I agree that Moo’s not worth switching to… but I do think their split-pane is pretty well done.

Does Vivaldi allow you to drag&drop between panes? That’s the REAL feature I want… it’s just painful to do mass reorganizing of a complex hierarchy without something like that…

You can’t drag and drop (any more than you would be able to drag and drop between two separate browser windows in any other circumstance), that is to say, Dynalist, not Vivaldi, is the reason drag and drop doesn’t work. However, I’ve found that it’s almost just as easy to cut with cmd/ctrl X from one pane and paste it in another.

So far I’ve been able to stick with it pretty well

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I had the same disappointing experience with, but I will have to go back to the Vivaldi workaround.

I’m so thankful for tab tiling in Vivaldi. That’s also my current workaround for columns in Dynalist.

I’m still hoping for a native feature: Support for multiple columns

First time in ages I’ve been tempted to go back to Workflowy. They now have a side bar with a separate view, so you can see the main tree whilst operating in the branches. This answers all my requests on this thread I think.

Split screen has the highest number of votes on the Trello board by quite a margin (excluding Multi-Code Block that’s just been released).

Hopefully it’s coming this year!

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Well said, and that’s what let Dynalist to stand out from the competition, in my opinion.

I’d also need multiple windows support on Mac. Actually I use the web version beside the desktop one when I need to work with multiple documents at glance. Not ideal, but a good workaround for me. Nevertheless, I think having multiple windows looks natural on a desktop app, so to me it’s not only the feature itself and how much we need it, but also implementing a professional app with best practices. On the other hand, I totally got the complexity behind, so I understand why this feature has got a low priority.