Multiple windows for the desktop app (Mac)


Thanks Chris,

Vivaldi looks interesting - I’ll have to check it out for curiosity’s sake if nothing else. I tend to use Dynalist’s dedicated app rather than working in-browser but who knows.

I also just took a look at a different piece of software - It’s got a well-implemented multi-pane capability with nice drag&drop. Anybody else reading this should check it out too, if for no other reason than we can all pester Dynalist about it :).


Hi Ron,

I checked out and found it to be more frustrating than anything else. I was initially very excited that their app integrated with Google Apps, making it possible to attach gmail messages to nodes in outlines, and attach nodes to calendar items. However, the app integration was a big letdown for me. The Google calendar sync broke multiple times daily, requiring manual re-pairing, and the last straw was when the Gmail sync broke. Once I re-enabled it, all of the emails that were attached to nodes were lost. Emails that had been archived in Gmail because I was keeping track of them in

The developer was responsive and polite, but ultimately not helpful. In the end, it was all sizzle and no steak, and now I’m using Dynalist in Vivaldi with 4 tabs next to each other in tiles so it’s sort of like combining Dyalist with a kanban board.

Ultimately, I guess it’s easy to make something half-baked, but something reliable and polished is harder to find!