Multiple windows for the desktop app (Mac)


New windows are awesome for utilizing trackpad shortcuts on either Mac or Windows. Especially when using multiple desktops as I use that to completely separate work.

Tabs would be a killer feature as well with a keyboard shortcut to navigate between from a different perspective. If I’m working on something where two lists are related, but not the same for sharing reasons or something then it would be nice to flip back and forth like I would in an IDE.

+1 for both


+1 for multiple windows! I use multi windows all the time and have been wanting Workflowy to implement that for years. I’ve recently started using Dynalist and it has everything I wanted Workflowy to have… apart from windows in the desktop app


I learned about Freeter somewhere in this forum, but not here apparently. I have a OUTLINERS workspace with two tabs in Freeter: a Dynalist tab with three side-by-side DL columns and a WorkFlowy tab with three WF columns for side by side long-form writing of drafts, flanked by writing ideas on the current topic on one side and the in-book context of the draft chapter on the other.

I can call this up instantly and don’t have to futz around with side-by-side browser tabs.

Freeter is recently readopted abandon-ware. I hope it will be picked back up and developed. There are many possible places in typical workflows for a DL widget.


any updates on this… or should i use vivaldi as mentioned earlier


Not yet, sorry :disappointed:

We know it’s a highly requested feature though, so we’ll try our best to make it happen when we can!


+1 for tabs with the ability to drag tabs to a new window (as one can do in Chrome).


+1 would love to have this feature.


Yes please!! I am craving this feature!


if u can splitscreen the tabs/windows it would be good to have the ability to drag items between them, what do you guys think?


+1 for Windows


Yikes, 11 months have gone by without an update. Thats like…Workflowy speed! :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Any updates on windows feature? Will be very useful.