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First a summary of the current setup as I understand it: On Android, I see that there’s a lock icon on the top right. When pressed, it locks the list. When locked, nodes can be expanded, unexpaxnded, or moved around. But neither the little button bar (with all the node-specifc actions ) or the keyboard appears when you select a node. When the document is not locked, each time you tap an item the button bar the keyboard appears.

Here’s where something frustrating is occurring for me. I sometimes tap the close button on the keyboard because it takes up half of my screen, and all I need is the button bar (for actions such as “move” ,“Copy link” , “change heading level or color” Etc. But every time I tap a new node the keyboard pops back up.

Edit: I forgot to mention that even expanding or unexpanding nodes causes the keyboard to pop back up. This probably isn’t necessary at all since it’s unlikely a user would expand or un expand a node and then immediately start to edit its contents.

I understand enabling the lock icon on the top right will lock the document such that the keyboard will not appear, but I cannot use this since the button bar also does not appear.

Possible solution:
When the user closes the keyboard, he or she probably expects it to stay closed. Rather than re-opening it each time a new node is tapped (which can be a little frustrating) have a button in the button bar or elsewhere in the app’s interface where the user can manually open and close the keyboard.

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