Expanding or Contracting Node can cause page to jump to top (Android)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a document in the Dynalist Android App that is long enough to be able to scroll down
  2. Select the top item (not the title, but the first child of the title)
  3. Press the down arrow button on the keyboard so that the keyboard is hidden
  4. Carefully scroll down while making sure to not select any new item or reopen the keyboard, scroll down just enough that the topmost selected item is out of sight
  5. With any of the nodes on screen, press the “+” or “-” to expand or contract the node (without selecting it).

Expected result

I expect the node to just expand or contract.

Actual result

The node expands or contracts, but the page also jumps back up to the top and re-opens the keyboard.


Samsung Galaxy Note8
Android Version 7.1.1
Dynalist for Android version 1.3.2

Additional comments

Related to this feature suggestion, however I’m convinced this is an actual bug

@Erica, I’m still experiencing this and it seems like a lot of stress relative to how quickly it could be fixed. Have you had a chance to take a look?

I was able to reproduce the issue. I can also reproduce without closing the keyboard first.

I think the root cause is that closing the keyboard does not deselect the item, so when the UI is forced to perform some rerender (e.g. collapsing an item) it thinks “I’m in item selected mode” and tries to rerender that view which means bringing back up the keyboard and jumping back to the item. One fix would be to treat closing the keyboard as deselecting the item, however there may be cases where users want to have the item-menu-bar open without the keyboard present (not sure what that would be, but someone might have a use for it).

Another approach without changing current behavior (and fixing the issue in the “keyboard visible” state) would be to properly rerender at current position, even when an item is selected, and also to remember when the keyboard is closed and not bring it back up on rerender.

@Matt_Groth I’ve never noticed this bug before your report, and that’s likely because I never close the keyboard. To deselect an item I just tap somewhere in the middle of the top bar (where the hamburger menu, back button, etc. are) which fully deselects the item (instead of just closing the keyboard), so this issue doesn’t come up. I completely get why you might prefer using the back button located on the bottom of the screen instead of tapping towards the top of the screen, so this isn’t meant as a solution to your problem and hopefully the issue can be addressed by the Dynalist team, but just thought I’d share in case that’s something you hadn’t tried yet and it works for you.

@Erica Here is a video showing the bug: https://streamable.com/ptuw5

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Thanks @Jayden_Navarro for the very thoughtful response and workaround!

I can confirm the keyboard does not need to be closed to reproduce part of this bug. But the fact that the keyboard pops open again is large part of what makes this such an abrasive bug.

I’d be ok with this as long as I can reselect the item without automatically opening the keyboard. I do in fact use the item-menu-bar a lot with the keyboard closed (or want to at least), mainly for the “move” action. Sometimes I’m moving items around more than I am editing them, and closing the keyboard gives me a much clearer view of everything on my phone screen.

This is an excellent workaround! I had no idea you could deselect by touching the top bar, and I see no reason why I can’t just do this from now on (it’ll just take some time to develop new muscle memory). I suppose this bug feels significantly less crucial to fix now, (but hopefully still will be eventually). :slight_smile:

Hi Matt, could you go to this link on your phone (open with Play Store) and scroll to the bottom to check your current version of the Android webview?

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.webview

Hi @Erica, I’m not sure if this Play Store page displayed on my phone the way it does on yours, but I don’t see an Android web view version anywhere. Am I not looking in the right place?

I was talking about the “What’s New” menu.

But we just did a fix yesterday and we no longer need this information! This should be fixed in the next Android release, cheers!

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