Link to another item doesn't get updated after updating item

Steps to reproduce

Create a Item
Create link to item with [[
Create link to item with get link in a menu
Update item text
Check links their text not updated
Close application or reload page
Open it again
Link created with [[ didn’t get update
Link created with get copy Updated

Expected result

Links get updated text of item after you update item

Actual result

Ony get link (direct link) get updated but only after reload/reopen app


windows/Ubuntu 18.04
Web version & application

Additional comments

I really expect [[ make a link that will pull changes in original item automatically.

When you create a link with [[, it generates a template for a Markdown link format that you can change the display text to, such as:

[Content of the item](

You can then choose to change the “Content of the item” part to anything you want which will be displayed in the final box. This is not updated, unlike a link-only internal link, which will always show the content of the target item.

@Shida Let me put some more details here

I got that [[ produces template link.

But still a bug with:

unlike a link-only internal link, which will always show the content of the target item.

So if you change content of linked item link doesn’t not get changed imminently
Also it doesn’t change even if you open another page and go back
It changes only if you reload the entire browser tab or close/open application

Oh I see what you mean.

Luckly it’s a bug we’ve fixed a few days ago but haven’t been deployed yet! Funny that you mention it now, because this has been a bug for a few months already and:

It should be going live sometime today for the webapp

Just another remark - We’re considering changing the default [[ link to produce the URL instead of the markdown link template, specifically so it can benefit from an up-to-date title. Will likely do a poll first about it.

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@Shida Nice!
Than we can close this one.
I already created feature request here about [[ here: Add a shortcut or trigger to insert link to another item without formatting

Also could be worth looking into: Move to and paste link menu item
since you already around link pasting code.

Related poll: Link with title or just the link when inserted with "[["?