Move to and paste link menu item

Hello dynalist team!

When you have a daily activity tracked or working with a project.

You working on different task and along with that you store some tech/non teck knowledge that you’ve learn.
This pieces of information should be moved later on into knowledge base so they won’t gone in history and will be easier to find.

Although it still important leave a link to it instead, so you will be get back context when and where you got this information.

It really useful sense we not alway know how to thing was named by remember when you was working with it.

With current application I use move to but after/or before I have to copy the link manually and paste it instead of items.

Could you please add additional menu item Move to and paste.. please?
Or maybe some configure that will do so by default (I need that like 95% of time wil be easier to remove it after if needed)

It’ll save a loot of time, and pain.

That was actually quite hard to understand… Correct me if I understood you wrong:
Do you mean you want a shortcut that pastes what you have in the clipboard to some specific location you lookup with the move command?

In my opinion that sounds a bit too use-case specific to implement, and the use case in general is already covered by “Send to Inbox”. I know you can’t choose where the item goes to every time you capture, but I believe most people are ok with the restriction.

@Shida Let me explain easier

  1. I have item and open menu on that and click Move to
  2. Choosing where I what to move
  3. I need that after moving it’ll paste link to moved item instead

Here video what I’m actually trying to achieve:


Currently I can do like this, but it really hard when you move it somewhere into other document

If that will be additional menu item like Move to and leave a link to it instead that would help a lot

I don’t understand why do you have to go to the item itself and choose “Copy link” in the item menu? You already know the name of the item, so you should be able to use the [[ operation to directly insert the link.

I was to provide better example what I’m trying to achieve.

Still would be really cool to get link instead for few reasons:

  • [[ returns formatted link
  • In practice it very easy to forget in a second what you actually moved
  • If you have quite big knowledge base you need to type big part of name

I practice I ended up with:

  • Copy item
  • Move it somewhere
  • Open [[ and paste from clipboard
  • Remove formatting of the link

(formatted link doesn’t really work since knowledge base get reviewed and updated time time)

If that would be a setting to give me link back or additional menu item it’ll make my life (and life of my friends that do daily log in dynalist) much easier )

Ok I think I understand your use case. I think that’s a completely valid request which would make your life a lot easier, but to me that still sounds like a very niche use case that I’m concerned will be useful for a minor population while taking up menu space (our menu is already much much longer than we’d like).

I think a proper solution would be some kind of plugin system that users can use to add menu items that facilitate their specific use cases. This sound like a perfect example for it.

While it’s unfortunate that it’s not available right now, we do have our eyes on it (see orange tags on our roadmap but it’ll likely be queued up to be a future major addition to the app.

Meanwhile, I’ll track it on our internal todo list. Will update this thread if there’s any changes.